The Saga Humane Society was founded in March of 1999, mainly in response to the animal control measures used in Belize: strychnine-laced bait tossed onto the streets at night for any animal unlucky enough to be wandering around and hungry.  It was a time when no veterinary services were available in San Pedro.  A small group of women, one of them a medical student, banded together to do what they could to aid the suffering stray dogs on the streets.

The newly formed nonprofit animal organization started out in a little building across from Ramon’s Resort with a fenced-in yard. The front yard, to the chagrin of all the neighbors, served as the only animal shelter in Belize at the time.

After much work and dedication, a shelter was built on land purchased by the Humane Society, and lovingly called: “Fort Dog”. Fort Dog houses lost, unwanted, and homeless dogs and puppies who receive treatment and loving care until they are found an adoptive family. Fort Dog, in its current state, houses up to 40 animals at any given time. The Saga Humane Society Veterinary Clinic on Sea Star Street houses the Saga cattery where there are always plenty of kittens and cats looking for a loving home.

Volunteers and employees do outreach programs for members of the community who have animals that appear to be ill cared for, or that are not spayed or neutered and continue to have unwanted puppies or kittens. Saga representatives inform these members of the community that their animal can be brought to the Saga Humane Society for low cost or subsidized veterinary treatment and surgery. Another important way we achieve our goal of education is by example. By adopting out healthy, vaccinated, altered (spayed or neutered) animals, many in the community can see how well a dog who receives minimal preventative care looks and behaves. It is obvious that a playful, strong, happy, shiny coated animal is preferable to a sickly, scruffy animal full of scars from fighting in the streets!

Saga’s History

The Saga Humane Society was founded in 1999, primarily to monitor and control the cat and dog populations on Ambergris Caye. Through assisted cost spay/neuter and adoption, humane education program. Saga improves the general health and well being of the domestic and wild animals, as well as the humans of the island.

Animal and Human Well-being

Storm Preparedness


The best way to deal with any emergency is to have a plan ahead of time and stick with it! Here are some things that you can do to get prepared for any storms heading our way:

All pet owners should have a kit for their pets, which should include:

  • Supply of food for 7 days in an airtight, water proof container
  • Drinking water
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Vaccination records and physical description for each pet
  • For dogs include–leash, collar and a sturdy carrier
  • For cats include–litter and litter box and a sturdy carrier

It is also recommended that you:

  • Keep your animals with you; if you must leave an animal outside, DO NOT leave him tied up!
  • Place the pet emergency supply kit by the door so it is ready to go if you need to evacuate quickly
  • Make sure your pet has visible identification on right now!
  • Talk with a trusted neighbor who can care for your pets if you are away

If you are planning to take your pets with you if you need to evacuate, make sure that you have their rabies vaccination certificate. If you plan to leave the country with your pets, you must also have a health certificate issued by a veterinarian within 10 days of traveling. Keep in mind that if you plan to evacuate with your pets you must do so early. Once emergency evacuation begins, animals are no longer able to travel on public transportation because the space is reserved for two-legged types.

Remember – be prepared in advance so that you and all your loved ones will be safe!

Report An Aggressive Dog


Please call Saga at 226-3266 or San Pedro Police Department 226-2926

It is very important that we know the location of aggressive animals so we can contact the owners to educate them, or pick the animal up and evaluate it in the case of strays or wild animals. In the case of multiple reports of aggressive behaviour by a pet, we will work with the police to ensure the animal is properly confined to prevent further injury to people, other animals or property.  Is is against to Laws of Belize to have an aggressive animal. Aggressive animals, especially dogs,  often band together in packs and become even more aggressive, posing a risk to humans and animals alike, so it is vitally important you help us control them by reporting their location.  If at all possible take photographs and video of the dogs during the acts of aggression as proof of your claim. If you are bitten by an animal, try to catch it and bring it to Saga, without endangering yourself, of course!  Enlist the aid of other people, try to find the owner, or call the police or Saga for help. The animal can then be tested for communicable diseases and put into quarantine as necessary. Animal bites are very serious wounds and can infect easily, posing potentially grave health risks to humans and animals, so it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to report all animal bites promptly! Please download a copy of this SAGA Citizen Incident Report – MASTER to report aggressive animals to Saga and the San Pedro Police.

What to do if you find Feral Kittens

If you find feral kittens, first look for the Mother Cat! Take a step back and check if the mother cat is around. Chances are she is hiding, so stay back and watch the kittens from a distance. If the mother cat appears, contact Saga at 226-3266 or 630-4303 for information and assistance on trapping the feral cat family.

This will be a great help because mother cat is fully equipped to take care of these babies and also because we will be able to spay the mother cat.

Saga Humane Society Veterinary Clinic Services

Saga Humane Society operates the only non- profit veterinary clinic on the island of Ambergris Caye. It is a full-service hospital in only two rooms, with a part-time veterinarian on site. Pet owners can make appointments for wellness care such as spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations, as well as treatment for illnesses or injuries. Pets are also seen routinely on a walk-in basis, especially in cases of emergency.

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Help Saga Humane Society Keep San Pedro a Safe Place For People and Pets by Bringing in Unwanted or Stray Animals

It is a sad fact of life that not all pets have loving owners who can care for them properly. Some have never had a home, some owners undergo changed living circumstances that make keeping the pet impossible, and there are many puppies born without proper consideration of who will be their life companion.

If you find yourself unable to adequately take care of your pet, if your pet has a litter you can’t find homes for, or if you find a stray animal, please let Saga Humane Society help!

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Pet Laws of Belize

Belize Dogs Act Chapter 153.

Its our continuing mission to keep the public information, here is the Belize Dogs Act Chapter 153.

Belize Law- Dog Act Chapter 153

Cruelty to Animals Act Chapter 11.

In our mission to informform the general public, we bring you the Cruelty to animals Act Chapeter 11.

Belize Law-Cruetlty to animals Act Chapter 115