Calling all Vets!

Feel good about the work you do

Saga Humane Society is a small non-profit humane society on the remote island of San Pedro Belize. The clinic functions without a full-time veterinarian but primarily off the generous veterinarians that have donated time to help those that truly need it. San Pedro is a naturally beautiful paradise that anyone would be lucky to visit. We encourage veterinarians to take a step out of the every day life and step into a challenge worth concurring.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Take time to take time!

Walk Dogs 

Saga Humane Society supplies the shelter and food for animals that have been in jeopardizing situations they could use some extra love. When have you ever seen a dog upset to go on a walk! Bring some joy to a dogs heart by sharing some time with them, walking them and learning more about their personality. Walking the dogs gives you an opportunity to view the sights, get some exercise and give the dogs that needed positive attention.

Special Event Support

Have you ever seen a SAGA sponsored event and wish you could be a part of it all? Give your time to help with set-up, clean-up, and/or scheduled assignments to make our events a success! This is a rewarding experience where you get to meet many people of the community and watch how many people are willing to help with our mission and goals to help animals in need.

Facility Assistant (minimum age 16)

If you are the type that loves fixing things around the house, then apply your skills to help with various projects throughout our buildings and grounds. Our Shelter needs constant maintenance and with your help, we can provide a better environment for the animals, visitors, volunteers and staff!

Humane Education Assistant (minimum age 18)

Assist the humane educator both on site at the shelter and at off-site events, including tours of the shelter and educating groups on humane treatment of animals, and attendance at community group events and festivals, educating people about SAGA, our mission and vision.

Descriptions of additional skills

Adoption Desk Support/Adoption follow up

Meet and greet potential adopters when they arrive at the clinic, provide support for the staff at the front desk, including answering the phones, completing adoption paperwork, and providing general animal care information to the public. Computer knowledge is helpful, and good customer service skills are a must.

Animal Behavior/Training

Volunteers work with the animals on behavior issues, whether it means taking a dog out for extra exercise, teaching a fearful cat that humans are “ok”, or helping a dog learn good manners. If you have experience with animal training and would like to use it, please let us know.

Animal Photography

Are you good with a camera?  We need volunteer photographers to take pictures of Shelter Animals available for adoption.

Computer Work/Data Entry

Do you have impressive computer skills or know your way around an office? Put your time to work and help with mail projects, filing, photocopying, and phone calls. We need volunteers to help keep our facilities running in an organized manner so that when we are busy with visitors and potential adopters, we know everything will be in good hands!

 Flyer/Poster Distribution Crew

If you know the town well, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Be a part of a team that delivers our flyers, posters, and quarterly newsletters to local businesses in the community. Help us spread the word about our events and mission so all of San Pedro can join in on our efforts and goals!


Is fundraising a piece of cake for you? Would you like to help out with events that bring us donations? If this sounds appealing, or if you have fundraising/grant writing experience, we’d love to take advantage of your skills.

Graphic Design

Some of us are blessed with artistic creativity and we can definitely use that talent! Donate your time by creating and updating materials for us to be used as promotional and/or advertising for us. It will not only show the public what a great skill you have, but can help us tell our tale to San Pedro with an inspiring visual representation!


Help give animals a fresh start! As a volunteer groomer, you can assist in the grooming needs of our furry residents, whether they came in dirty or matted, or if they just need a primping before going on the adoption floor.

Other Special Skills?

Do you have a special talent that you want to share? Come and tell us and let us find something to apply your special skills to. Every department needs your help – share your time and talent to help with a special project, event, or program.