Saga HS would like to give a heartfelt Thank You to everyone involved in making Cook Off- Summer Salads a stellar night.  Wet Willy’s Cantina was the host of the event July 17. Tickets sold out in record time, 15 minutes! The proceeds of the night will help 30 low income pets be sterilized for FREE through Operation SNIP. Thank you Wet Willy’s for hosting us and our supporters for a pleasurable evening.

There were seven great entries into this month’s contest. Summer Salads was the theme and it brought out many talented chefs to participate.  After all the votes were counted Ruben Gonzalez was the 1st prize winner with Orange Chicken Pasta Salad. 2nd prize winner went to Lonestar Restaurant with Watermelon Feta Mint Salad.  Our gracious host Wet Willy’s was 3rd prize with a BLT Salad.  The other mouth watering entries were – Bacon Chicken Vegetable Salad from Sharon Metcalfe, Corn & Black Bean Salad made by Rosa LaRosa, Chicken Salad by Faride Lima (sponsored by Michele Colbert), and Fiesta Pasta Salad from Carolina Gonzalez (sponsored by Renee Steinmetz and Pampered Paws). Thank you all for your time and effort spent supporting our efforts.  We appreciate it.

Local business generously supported the night with donations for our famous raffle.  The raffle prices were from Breakfast or lunch from Melt, Lunch or Dinner from Waraguma Restaurant and Lunch or Dinner from El Divino Restaurant. Thank you for your commitment to supporting your community.

The night was made possible by our hardworking volunteers. Thank you for helping make the night a sellout success. Volunteers were Renee Steinmetz, Faith Noel, Alice Corrigan, Julie, Cindy Carlson, Zulema Ayala, Danny Cann, Iliana Paj, Carolina Gonzalez, Ingrid Lima, Sharon Metcalfe, Grant Crimmins and Rosa La Rosa. Thank you Rebecca Coutant of the San Pedro Scoop for taking the pictures.

Wet Willy’s knows It’s Hip to SNIP!

 Wet Willy’s Cantina knows It’s Hip to SNIP!

 The Wet Wily’s dock entrance.

 It’s Hip to SNIP! (Ellie and her husband…a pretty handsome couple…)

 A lucky couple that got their tickets wait for the salads to line up.

 Thanks SO much to the generous sponsor restaurants who donated gift cards: MELT, Waraguma and El Divino.

 Here are Faith and Julie selling tickets. Hard to say no…

 …and the our generous host, Wet Willy’s Smokehouse, was jumping.

 The salads arrived…the servers readied…

 Bacon seemed like a common theme.

 Yummy salad with bacon

 The line for the salads

 The beautiful Ingrid, SAGA’s manager, tasting all.

 Everyone voted and the winners were announced.

 3rd place went to our host Wet Willy’s with their BLT Salad.

 2nd place to Lone Star Grill with a refreshing watermelon, feta cheese and mint salad.

 And the first place goes to Alexis Gonzales for his orange Chicken pasta salad! Congratulations.

 Look at all his family that came out to support! Love it.