Hello! My name is Squat let me tell you my story, 7 years ago my first owners gave me all the attention in the world! Grooming, veterinary care monthly and most importantly love. Then I don’t know why my owners gave me up to one of their employees and at first they had the same love, monthly veterinary care but it stopped some years ago. I don’t know why my new owners did this to me, they stopped giving me attention and left me abandoned. However this changed when a Good Samaritan came to Saga to express her concerns over me and explained my situation.
The Saga Team picked me up,I was so weak I couldn’t even stand up, I really thought those were the last hours of my life but thankfully I got to the best hands and I knew they would take care of me.
They did blood work to find out more on my condition, I am Ehrlichia positive (chronic tick fever), malnourished, anemic, dehydrated and I have urinary incontinence.
Only a few days have passed since my rescue and I already have a bit more strength. And I have found another angel, Tammy that is fostering me, she is giving me 24 hour care so I can get better.
Please say a prayer for me so I can recuperate faster and be strong soon so I can find a loving home I deserve. 🐾