Spay/neuter campaign

Take action to have your pet spayed or neutered at Saga Today!

If you can’t pay the total cost of the operation, it will be provided at a reduced price or, in cases of real economic hardship, for free.

Saga Hours: Tuesday- Friday 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm
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Sunday-Monday Closed

Please call Saga first (226-3266) to make an appointment and to receive information on how to prepare your pet for the operation; An examination of your pet’s health must be done at least one day in advance.

SPAY/NEUTER CAMPAIGN – Do the right thing for your community, for you and for your dog!

There are far too many dogs in Belize that are not being cared for. If you are reading this, you obviously care about your dog and your community. Dogs are domestic animals — they depend on humans to care of them. When anyone decides to keep a dog they are promising to care for the dog properly, and to not allow the dog to become a nuisance.

In return, dogs guard our property, protect and play with our children and are loyal companions. Right now, in Belize, neutering and spaying is the most important thing any dog owner can do for their dog and their community, but some owners are worried. They hear stories that stop them from doing the right thing. This article has information about spaying and neutering so that you can make the best decision.

What is neutering and spaying?
Neutering and spaying are small surgeries done on male and female dogs to remove their reproductive organs.

But I want my dog to have puppies?
Why? Research shows that female dogs spayed before their first heat are healthier and have fewer medical problems. Having puppies is hard work and expensive if you do it right. There may be life threatening complications when the puppies are born, and if your dog needs a c-section it is very expensive. You’ll need to buy more food for the mother dog while she is pregnant and even more when she is feeding her puppies. Think about the cost. Also, if you care about your and your neighbour’s children, all those puppies must be seen by a vet and given worming tablets.

Did you know that all puppies are born with worms and that those worms can cause illness in children? You’ll also have to buy extra food for the puppies until you find them good homes.

Did you know that each of those puppies can have their own puppies 7 months after they are born? Does your neighbourhood need that many new dogs?

But don’t male dogs lose their personality if they are neutered?
Just like you wouldn’t want a bull or a stallion running around your neighbourhood, you don’t really want un-neutered male dogs doing that either. Most dogs that bite children are un-neutered male dogs. Un-neutered male dogs like to urinate everywhere, they wander and cause dog fights, which bothers everyone that lives near them. They are a big responsibility

Neutered male dogs live longer, they are healthier and they won’t catch deadly sexually transmitted diseases, which are very painful and very expensive to treat. If you put all the time, money and effort into feeding and raising a dog, wouldn’t you want it to be healthy and live a longer life?

I don’t want to hurt my dog. I’m afraid it will be painful?
Did you know that veterinarians study for as long as human doctors do? The dogs are completely under anaesthetic and can’t feel a thing. Male dogs recover by the next day and don’t notice anything. Female dogs take a few days to recover completely, but they do not suffer – they just need a quiet couple of days until everything heals up.

Let’s look at the pain and suffering that IS caused by not neutering or spaying your dog:
One of the major causes of sickness and death for dogs in Belize is a painful sexually transmitted disease called TVT. Fixing your dog will stop it from being sexually active and catching this disease.

Another major cause of death and injury is road traffic accidents. Dogs that are not fixed will wander more often, leading them to be hit by cars and run over. Neutered male dogs are more likely to stay at home and protect their property than go out looking for females.

Female dogs that are not spayed before the age of 6 months have a very high risk of getting breast cancer. This is a painful and deadly disease and is very expensive to treat. Spaying can eliminate this risk.

Male dogs that are not neutered can suffer from testicular cancer and prostate infections. No man would want to put his dog through that sort of torture. Neutering your dog will eliminate these risks.

Male dogs that are not neutered can become very frustrated and unhappy. They are more likely to fight with other dogs and can smell a female in ‘heat’ for up to six miles. This can lead to behaviour problems such as aggression, destructive behaviour and excessive barking. They will form packs at this time and become a major nuisance in your community.

I want to be a good owner but I don’t want my neighbours and friends to laugh at me because I’ve had my dog neutered?
Your neighbours and friends won’t be laughing when you have a healthy, obedient and loyal dog that doesn’t cause a nuisance, turn over garbage cans, fight with other dogs and bite children. Your dog will look better, behave better, cost you less to care for and live a lot longer.

Do the right thing. Get your dog neutered or spayed. For more information contact SAGA at 226-3266.