Saga Humane Society was founded in 1999 by a small group of women in attempts to salvage the livelihood of the animals thrown to the streets. After much work and dedication, the humane society was born with a mission to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to domestic and wild animals.

Meet Our Team

Saga Humane Society promotes their mission through educating their community and demonstrating their care every day. Saga Humane Society would not exist today without their incredibly hardworking team.

Ingrid Lima 

Veterinary Technician and powerhouse

 Ingrid has been part of the Saga Humane for 19 years. Ingrid devotes her time and endless effort to Saga daily. Ingrid is in charge of making important decisions and is their on-staff head of the medical department at Saga Humane Society. Ingrid is the glue holding Saga Humane Society together.

Noemi Castro 

Fearless kennel attendant and veterinary assistant

Noemi has been part of the Saga Humane Society team for 13 years. Noemi has a fearless and kind nature with all of the animals. Noemi is the queen of clean, she ensures that the clinic is constantly running in tip top shape and organized.


Walter has been part of the Saga team for two years. Walter has this incredible connectedness to all the animals at Saga. Walter has this innate ability to create a sense of calm and acceptance that he provides to each and every animal.


Administrative and Veterinary Assistant 

Joellie has been part of the Saga Humane Society team for two years. Joellie is the head of client communications and assisting in any medical treatment performed on our animals. Joellie is the master of ultitasking and looking fabulous while doing it!

Saga Humane Society is governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of residents and non-residents of San Pedro:

Dr. Heather McGowan – President and Director of Humane Education/International Veterinary Medicine

Tula Ayuso – Vice President

Louisa Chiaramonte – Treasurer

Amy Lewis – Secretary

Kathy Marin – Director of Animal Well-Being

Newest Adoptables


Pedro loves to lounge around and is good with new people. He loves to play, especially with other cats but even when the other cat is relaxing so if you have another cat it should be a playful energetic cat. Is good with men. Approx. 4 months old. [video width="720"...


Russo is a sweet boy who loves attention but won’t jump all over you for it. He loves to be by your side to get pets and scritches and loves to play with the wand and feather toys. Very calm, but fun.


Napoleon is a very sweet boy who loves scritches and hanging out on your feet or lap or shoulders or wherever he can be having fun with you. He is energetic and has a calm side too. Approx. 3 months old.


Viking is Mrs. Bartolo’s sister and not only are they nearly twins, Viking is a love bug just like her sister. She will come on your lap for pets and stretch out for neck scritches and lounge on your lap. She gives kisses and loves to play with your shoes and toys....

Mrs. Bartolo

Mrs. Bartolo is the biggest love bug you will ever meet! She will come to you the minute you come home and climb up on your lap, reach up to give you a hug and kiss and then settle into your lap for pets and scritches. She also loves to play with any kind of toy


Aquarius is a sweet boy who loves to lay next to you and get pets, scritches and belly rubs. He loves to play with your shoes when you are wearing them and has a fun playful personality. Such a beautiful boy. Come give him his deserving furever home.

Latest News & Events

SAGA Bingo Bash

SAGA Bingo Bash

Join us for lots of fun at the SAGA Bingo Bash! Hosted at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar in San Pedro. Saturday, August 24th at 5 pm!

Thank you Philadelphia Adult League Softball!

Thank you Philadelphia Adult League Softball!

We would like to thank the Philadelphia Adult League Softball for donating to Saga Humane Society! We greatly appreciate the generous donation! We are so grateful for each and everyone that supports us 🐾 For more photos visit our Facebook page:...

Thank you Palapa Bar!

Thank you Palapa Bar!

We would like to Thank Scott, Jodie and the whole staff from Palapa Bar and grill for hosting the Princesses and Paws fundraiser. Thank you to the Interntional Costa Maya Festival and the beautiful Costa Maya delegates. Thank you to the Walkaholics for always...

Happy Tails

Three Adoptions in One Day!

Three Adoptions in One Day!

What a wonderful Saturday! We had 3 adoptions in one day! AMAZING! Our first adoption was our kitty Daisy adopted by Mr. Lucio and family, then Rodolfo was adopted by Mr. Tim, now tommy was adopted by Mrs. Susan! We are so happy for everyone that just...

Joy in Canada!

Joy in Canada!

Joy is feeling the love in her new home in Ontario Canada! If you or someone you know needs a best friend, let SAGA be your matchmaker!