It was 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning that the call came in about a dog in the San Pedrito area that needed help.  Injured from a fall from a second story roof top and after spending the night exposed to a bad electrical storm, SAGA volunteers arriving on the scene were not sure the dog was still alive.  But, upon contact, the nine month old puppy lifted her head and licked the hands of her rescuers.

After spending two weeks in the veterinary hospital and another month at the SAGA Clinic battling a badly infected leg, the puppy, dubbed Lucky (to be alive) finally recovered enough to go to a foster home for additional care.

Although Lucky thrived in foster care, it was determined that she had survived distemper earlier-on in her short life and would, as a result, always be unsteady on her feet and subject to seizures.  Her foster parents realized that this made Lucky less desirable for adoption and they were prepared to keep her themselves.

Lucky loved her daily walks on the beach and she became very popular among the island residents and visitors who frequented the area near the Pelican Reef Resort.  It was here that she met a loving family of four from Boston who determined that Lucky would make a fine addition to their household.  Jim, Janet, Jenna and Jacob inquired about adopting Lucky and flying her back to Boston with them at the end of their short stay.  They felt sure that Mika, their two year old lab-hound mix, would enjoy having a little sister.

Once the decision was made, it was a scramble to get everything ready for Lucky’s rapid departure.  Those participating in the arrangements included R. C., the general manager at Pelican Reef, Katia Marin, owner of Pampered Paws, Ingrid Lima, SAGA Clinic Manager and Dr. Trish from the San Pedro Animal Hospital.  Thanks to their quick work, Lucky is now a Bostonian!