It’s been a couple years since we’ve celebrated Halloween with our fur babies and shelter animals. We don’t want to wait another one, so we will hold our Halloween Pet Costume Contest virtually this year! Dress your pet to impress to win one of our amazing prizes! Contest is open to any type of pet (even iguanas, birds and rabbits) Once you enter make sure to share your photo on social media and start working for those votes! Top three votes overall and top votes in each category take home a prize.

Categories:  🐾Most original   🐾 Scariest    🐾 Funniest    🐾 Look-Alike    🐾 Most Stylish

Cost is $10 BZ/$5 US per entry, per category. Each vote is $2 BZ/$1 US.  Via PayPal, Venmo or cash at Saga Humane Society. All proceeds will go towards getting 100 dogs and cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated. An average surgery costs from $125 BZ to $200 BZ  and vaccinations $65 BZ.

TO ENTER YOUR PET:                                      TO VOTE FOR A PET:

  1. Choose payment option button below        1. Choose payment option button below 
  2. Copy payment confirmation.                       2. Put pet name/category you’re voting for in payment       
  3. Fill out entry form below.                                 reference section.  

                                                                              Votes are updated by admin when payment is verified. 

                                                                              Do not fill out form below.                                                                                                                                                                 

Pay via PayPal Pay via Venmo

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See some photos below from our last event