SAGA’s Future 


Promoting Kindness and Preventing Cruelty to Animals

The Board of Directors and the Advisors of the Saga Humane Society are committed to building a vet clinic. This will happen with the support of the San Pedro community and the generous donors who have been there for Saga in the past.

The new clinic will

  • Provide an environment that supports the safety, health, and welfare of the animals and staff.
  • Provide a friendly and safe place for potential adopters to meet the animals seeking homes.
  • Be an inviting clinic that testifies to Saga’s commitment to animal welfare, low-cost vet services, and education.

We have chosen an experienced contractor to help us with the plans, the building process, and the construction. It will be a basic structure but it will meet Saga’s current needs and provide for future expansion.

Current Status of Capital Campaign

The estimated cost of the new clinic is $100,000 USD. That is a no-frills estimate that does not include any furnishings, air conditioning, or clinical equipment. Saga has raised $25,000 USD through savings, private donations, and online giving.

Saga Humane Society is a 501(3)c non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible. Our US federal tax id number is 31-1814113.

If you would like to make an online donation, you may do so via

  • PayPal on the Saga Humane Society Facebook page
  • PayPal on the Saga Humane Society website

Cash, credit card, or check donations are accepted at

  • Saga Humane Society Vet Clinic, Sea Star Street, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
  • Pampered Paws, Pescador Drive, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

You may make a donation by check, via regular mail, to

  • Saga Humane Society, PO Box 49, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Surrender Procedures

Help Saga Humane Society Keep San Pedro A Safe Place For People and Pets By Bringing in Unwanted or Stray Animals!

It is a sad fact of life that not all pets have loving owners who can care for them properly. Some have never had a home, some owners undergo changed living circumstances that make keeping the pet impossible, and there are many puppies born without proper consideration of who will be their life companion.

If you find yourself unable to adequately take care of your pet, if your pet has a litter you can’t find homes for, or if you find a stray animal, please let Saga Humane Society help!

Saga Humane Society offers a compassionate and understanding environment where “homeless” animals will be given training, medical treatment and behaviour modification as needed to ensure they will be healthy and capable companions, and will find them loving new homes.

Remember though that if you find an animal you really like, you don’t have to surrender it! You can bring it to Saga Humane Society where we will give shots, have it neutered, and evaluate its health. You can then apply to adopt your chosen friend at low or no cost!

To surrender an animal to Saga Humane Society, you will be asked to fill out a short form with just a few simple questions: where was it found, in what condition was it found and reason for surrender. These questions will help us “keep a handle” on the stray animal population and perhaps find litter mates who also need homes.

On a less happy note: if you know of a vicious or aggressive dog or cat and can catch that animal, you can take it to Saga where it will be further evaluated, its history determined and a decision made whether to rehabilitate the animal or euthanize it. Please report all dog and cat bites to Saga Humane Society promptly so we can speak to the owners and/or make the same decision.

Taking Your New Pet Home to the U.S.

Due to latest CDC rule, no dogs are allowed to be adopted from Belize and brought into the US. We are hoping this ruling gets reversed. We will update with any new information. Cats are allowed to travel to the US. Please contact your airline for rules regarding in cabin feline carry on. 

The first thing to do is contact your airline regarding their rules on traveling with animals. There are often weather embargoes, which means that if the weather is too cold or too hot, your pet can’t travel on that day. You will need to check with your airline the day you plan to travel, but make sure that you have a reservation for your pet well in advance! The type of carrier you need will depend on if your new friend is going to travel in the airplane cabin with you, or underneath with cargo. It will also depend on the size of your pet. You will need to discuss what type of carrier you need with the airline you are flying with.

Most of the shelter animals are up to date on their vaccinations: including rabies; which is needed to travel. Your new pet will need to be spayed or neutered before it goes home with you.

We would like at least 48 hours prior to you travel date to ensure that all necessary procedures and paperwork have been completed.

Saga Monthly Animal Statistics

Saga Humane Society Animal Statistics 20112013
Dogs Rounded Up: 170 (-5%)
Dogs Returned to Owner: 32 (-4%)
Euthanasia round up: 101 dogs (+2%)

  • Surrender (owner left at Saga): 266 (-26%).
  • Euthanasia of surrenders: 178 (-27%)
  • Adopted into New Homes: 108 (-36%)
  • Spayed/Neutered: 639 (+42%)
  • Parasite treatments: 321 (+184%)
  • Vaccinated: 503 (+216%)
  • Treated Free of Charge: 335 (+150%).
  • Total Euthanasia: 279 (-19%)
  • Average Animals in Shelter: 42 (-12%)

 Saga’s statistics for 2012 are as follows – these show that the animals allowed to breed freely in private homes are a significant part of the problem of animal over population.

People are letting their animals have puppies and kittens. When they cannot or do not want to care for them, they surrender them to Saga HS or let them out into the street.

  • Dogs Rounded Up :180
  • Dogs Returned to Owner: 33 (after payment of a fine)
  • Surrender (owner left at Saga): 359 Dogs and Cats
  • Euthanized: 346
    • Dogs and Cats, 99 were dogs from rounds ups
  • Adopted Out into New Homes: 168 Dogs and Cats
  • Spayed/Neutered: 451 Dogs and Cats
  • Vaccinated: 159 Dogs and Cats
  • Treated Free of Charge: 134 Dogs and Cats


Annual Animal Statistics – 2010

  • SURRENDER = 516
  • ADOPTION = 175
  • OHE/NEUTER=449
  • Vaccinated=329
  • Free charged=consult, med, flea and tick treatment=604
  • Heartgard/Promeris=332
  • EUTH=175


  • Rabbits=5
  • SNAKE=3
  • BIRDS=12


  • ADOPTIONS = 19
  • OHE/NEUT. = 35
  • VACC = 42
  • EUTH = 15

Total Animals in Saga Right now = 54

  • Puppies = 28
    Adult Dogs = 13
    Kittys = 2
    Adults = 11
  • Phone call complaints = 12
  • Animal that we picked up = 8


  • 59 Dogs and cats dropped off at Saga. This number includes 2 birds and 1 turtle.
  • 25 Dogs and cats adopted
  • 43 Animals neutered. 35 of these were free of charge.
  • 29 Animals euthanized
  • 62 Consultations, de-worming and medications dispensed free of charge.
  • 35 Vaccination of shelter animals
  • 42 Heartworm, internal and external parasite treatment of shelter animals.
  • 13 Puppies in shelter and 2 in foster care
  • 11 Adult dogs in shelter
  • 18 Kittens in cattery and 1 in foster care
  • 11 Adult cats in cattery
  • 53 Total animals under Saga’s care


  • Surrenders: 64 cats and dogs plus one bird
  • Adoptions: 18 animals
  • Euthanize: 33 animals and one bird

Animals in Saga Humane Society:

  • Dogs: 10 adults, 18 puppies
  • Cats: 16 adults, 19 kittens
  • Turtle: 1 recovering
  • Total animals: 63 animals and 1 turtle
  • Free charged: 45 animals for dewormer, consult and medications
  • Vaccinate : 40 Saga Animals
  • Heart worm and Flea Prevention: 40 Saga Animals
  • Spay/Neuter Program: 33 animals, 26 free, 7 paid for
  • Patrols for abused, neglected or abandon animals: 8 patrols


  • Animals surrenders: 48 dogs and cats
  • Adoptions: 18 dogs and cats
  • Free Spay/Neuters: 13 dogs and cats
  • Free Services for ticks, fleas, deworms: 43 animals treated
  • Vaccinated: 27 shelter animals
  • Heartworm and tick treatments for shelter animals: 55 treatments
  • Euthanized: 24 animals
  • Patrols: 15 patrols for cruelty, neglect, and pick-ups
  • Dog Bites: 3 dog bite investigations, 2 un neutered males, one unknown

Annual statistic 2017

Surrender= 183 animals (dogs and cats) \

Pick up= 79 dogs and cats

Adoption= 107 dogs and cats (locals and out of country)

Vacc = 166 (only saga animals)

OHE saga dogs and cats= 79

Neuter saga dogs and cats= 75

Owner ohe= 105(free of charge)

Owner neuter= 63(free of charge

TNR = 82 animals (dogs and cats)

Heartworm and flea and tick preventative= 220 animals

Euthanasia = 91 animals

Return with owner= 68 animals

Free of charge= 435 animals ( vacc, consults, meds, dwormer , ohe or neuter.)

Other surgeries (35 animals

Birds= 6




 Total snip 2018 = 404 animals.

Animal statistic 2018

Surrender= /89 dogs and cats

Pick ups=50 dogs and cats

Adoption=54 dogs and cats

Vaccines=282 dogs and cats

Euthanasia = 61 dogs and cats

TNR= 56 dogs and cats

Ohe saga dogs and cats= 74

Neuter saga dogs and cats= 69

Owner ohe dogs and cats= 65

Owner ohe dogs and cats= 59

Heartworm and flea and ticks preventative= 285 dogs and cats

Free charge= 310 animals( consults, meds, dwormer, vacc, ohe or neuter.

Realease with owner= 42

Other surgeries= 19

Birds= 5

Raccoons= 6


Total snip 2018 =323 dogs and cats