Those of you who have been sharing the journey with us may be familiar with Clover. Found by Noemy Castro alone with 10 puppies in June of 2017, Clover was brought to Saga. Sadly, all of her puppies died and she was left alone, heartworm positive and heartbroken. Though we shared Clover’s story many times, she remained in the shelter for more than a year. A volunteer dog walker favorite, Clover never lost hope that her hero would save her. Enter Susan Flaherty and family, frequent visitors to San Pedro and full-time dog lovers and Saga supporters. Having recently lost one of their family dogs, they had a space in their home and hearts. The rest is history as Clover hopped onto the October transport organized by Heather Braha and made her way to Boston where her family was awaiting her. Today she is a loved dog living her dream. 

Special thanks to Susan and her family, our relentless Saga staff, our volunteer dog walkers, and to you, our supporters for making this dream come true.