In March of this year, Saga Humane Society celebrated 20 years of being established. We feel so overwhelmed and grateful for all the hard work, support, sweat and tears that have been placed into Saga. 
Saga Humane Society started out as an idea to help the island dogs and cats. 
Our first ever rescue was a female Rottweiler named Saga, now we shelter 35 dogs and 32 cats at the moment.
Through out all the years we have been open we have about 15000 animals have been rescued, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and adopted. However, We not only rescue domesticated animals we also rescue wildlife animals.

Saga humane society could not be possible without the amazing support system that we have.
Each donation we receive keeps our shelter animals happy and fed. 
Each volunteer we that comes helps us so much each day they are here,every person that fosters helps us, every person that rescues an animal helps us, every person that adopts an animal fulfills our goal of providing a better life for them.  
Every person that assists in fundraisers, that attends our fundraisers assist us with continuing the spay/neuter programs. 

We would like to thank everyone that has helped Saga Humane Society in the past 20 years, whether a small or large gesture we are forever grateful. We look forward to continuing being around for 20 more years! 


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