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Thank you John and Amanda Karras for adopting from SAGA. Thank you for giving one of our island dogs a FOREVER home!


Paola got ADOPTED. She came in very sick and now is fully recovered and has a FOREVER Home. Thank you Mary Harper for taking this sweet doggie home.



The San Pedro Town Council and SAGA Humane Society receive many complaints about stray and nuisance dogs.   Now that they have teamed up to find a solution to the problems caused by irresponsible dog ownership, it is up to the dog owners of San Pedro to do their bit and help to make our community a more beautiful and safer place for residents and visitors.

Most of the complaints are caused by too many dogs and not enough good homes to care for them.  You won’t see responsibly owned dogs wandering in the street, barking, fighting and emptying garbage cans, but the more dogs we have in San Pedro, the easier it is for irresponsible dog owners to cause problems for everyone else.

Did you know that many dogs in San Pedro have to be humanely euthanased because there are not enough good homes to care for them?  Every time someone allows their dog to have puppies, this just adds to the problem.  San Pedro is an island, so it would be very easy, if everyone did their bit, to solve our dog problems.  The simplest, kindest and easiest way to do this is to neuter male dogs and spay female dogs before they have the chance to have babies, or catch one of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases so common among dogs in San Pedro.

Neutering and spaying are very simple surgeries.  Normally your dog can come in for the operation in the morning and come home with you in the afternoon.  There are many myths about spaying and neutering dogs.  For example, some people think that female dogs must have a litter to be healthy and happy.  This is not correct.  In fact, spaying a female dog will help to reduce her risk of catching breast cancer and many other serious illnesses.

Some people think that male dogs will lose their strength or personality if they are neutered.  Some even try to compare their dogs to human men.  Horses and bulls are neutered because they are domestic animals, just like dogs.  If you wouldn’t want a stallion or bull to play with your children, why would you want an un neutered male dog in your home?  In fact, neutering makes male dogs more loyal, less likely to wander and less aggressive towards children and family members.  It does not affect their ability to guard your home and actually makes them better at it because they stay home rather than wandering, looking for fights with other male dogs and mates.

Neutered and spayed dogs are better pets, better guards, healthier, less at risk of disease and, more importantly, by having your dog neutered or spayed you are helping to make San Pedro a better, healthier and happier place for everyone.  Do the right thing, get your dog neutered or spayed.

To find out how you can get your dog neutered or spayed, please call SAGA Humane Society on 226 3266.  Fix your dog to fix up San Pedro!


I thought you guys would like to see how well little Miss Mango has grown up!!! She is not quite so “little” anymore but one very happy dog!! She’s even smiling in our xmas card pic for this year!


Here is an update on Lucy!
Meowrie Gomez: Awww here is my puppy, she is doing very fine plus a lil more fat .. we still kept her name Lucy.. she loves to play and bite!!! xD
Thank you Meowire for giving Lucy her FOREVER home. Bark Bark Wag!

Hi My name is Lucy, Im 3 months old and i came into SAGA really sick, but i am fully recovered and looking for my FOREVER home. Please come visit me and the rest of the puppies at SAGA.

Hurray!!!!….Prince was adopted……:))



SAGA receives calls daily about animals that need their help.  Whenever a member of staff picks up the phone, they can only hope and pray for a happy ending because calls to SAGA so often have such a tragic beginning.  Such was the case when someone called to report that a small dog had been left tied to an abandoned shack in San Mateo without food, water or shelter.

No matter how long a person has worked for SAGA, they never get used to the horrific sights that sometimes greet them when they rescue a dog or cat that has been the victim of cruelty, abuse or neglect.  Cinthia’s condition was terrible and her pitiful state just made her rescuers want to weep.  She was starving, had a terrible case of Demodex – a non contagious skin disease – so was nearly bald, was dehydrated and suffering from the deadly disease, Tick Fever.

Very little is known about Cinthia’s history before coming into the loving care of SAGA Humane Society.  So her tale starts with them. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether or not a dog will survive after being subjected to such incredible suffering and it is often entirely up to the dog whether or not they will fight for their lives.   After a grueling two months of intensive care and treatment with SAGA, Cinthia proved that she was going to fight and not give up.

As she recovered and gained her strength, along came a couple, Matt & Katina Ewing.   It was love at first sight despite the challenge facing them because they just couldn’t afford to fly Cinthia to the USA at the time.  Inspired by Cinthia’s fight for life, they didn’t give up and neither did SAGA. After some fundraising, Cinthia headed off to her new home and her new life.

Normally, our tale would end here – but it doesn’t.  Two weeks ago Katia Marin and Heidi Sowards, SAGA volunteers, were attending a conference in Puerto Rico.   Who should they bump into but Katina and Cinthia.  It was a joyous reunion and many tears were shed, not because of Cinthia’s sad tale, but because of her amazing happy ending.  Doesn’t every dog and cat that SAGA rescues deserve a happy ending?  If you want to give a dog or cat a new life, please contact SAGA on 226 3266.













In February 2009, we visited friends in Ambergris Caye, Belize. They foster dogs for Saga – the local humane society.  This year, they fostered a little beagle named Toby. Toby used to live at the Belize Yacht club, but his owner gave him up for reasons unknown.

My 6 year only daughter and I fell in love with Toby instantly. We talked
about getting a beagle for years and here was a sweet one who
needed a home.  The deal was sealed a few days later when we woke to find
him smack in the middle of our bed with his head on the pillow! That was
it – I woke up my husband and said we had to bring him home with us.

Adoption was remarkably easy.  We went to Saga Humane Society and they
prepared the rabies and health certificate.  They also advised quarantine
was not necessary for dogs being brought into Canada from Belize (Belize is
part of the Commonwealth).  I called the airline, made arrangements and we
flew home.

We’re so happy to have Toby.  I own my own business and he comes to work
with me every day as our mascot – a job he adores.  But when he’s off duty,
he’s simply our baby and a great addition to our family!