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Saga Humane Society would like to give our sincere Thanks to all of our supporters in the San Pedro Town community for helping to make our 10th Annual Halloween Party a fantastic success.  Thank you for your hospitality to our gracious hostess Charlene Woods and the amazing staff at BC’s Beach Bar. The beach was alive with the dynamic sounds of Valentino, aroma of delicious food and the sounds of giggling children.  It was a great day, despite the downpour and hurricane winds that blew the tents down.  Eventually the rain stopped, the sun came out and everyone had a howling good time. Our honored judges this year were Tamara Sniffin, Jan Brown, and Allen Soto.  They had a hard time deciding on the winners of the various Costume Contests. After much discussion the winners were announced. There was a tie for Cutest!

1st Cutest                                  Yankee as Pupcake                    Tula

1st Cutest                                  Bella as a Witch                         David and Benjamin

2nd Cutest                                  Pumpkin Princess                      Elsa

Scariest                                     Voshi as Zombie Dog               Siomarie

Best Team                                 Monsterish Dogs                      Monster High


Thank you to San Pedro Town Council for the use, delivery, setup of tables and tents.  The business community of San Pedro was very generous in their donations for our raffles, food and Silent Auction.  We would like to give our Thanks to our local business community who helped sponsor this event and helped make these events such a success. It is with their support and donations that enable us to continue providing services to our community. Please support those businesses that support their community. Please accept our humble gratitude.

DandE’s Frozen Custard & Sorbet Gift certificate

Pepperoni’s 16 in pizza-any kind

Licks Breakfast for 2

Spice It Up – Dinner for 2

Estels Breakfast or BBQ for 2

War Paint Gift Basket

Wet Willy’s Gift certificate

Wayo’s Gift certificate

Crazy Canucks Gift certificate

AJ’s Gift certificate

Castillo’s Hardware Gift certificate

Beauty Basket from Sandy

MELT Gift certificate

BOAZ 24 hr cart rental

Leslies Salon Free Hair Cut

ABC  Lunch

Mata Rocks Gift certificate

Picasso Spirits- Kahlua and Red Devil

Caliente’s Gift certificate

Red Ginger Gift certificate

DigiCell Phone cards

Zen Arcade– one free week of Yoga

Pet Master –Pet food and dishes

X-Treem Geeks Gift certificate

$200 Anonymous

$100 Anonymous

La Familia Tortillas

Three Brothers Store

Almaza Store

Dalia’s Store

One Stop Store

Big Tree Fruits & Vegetables

Quality Poultry

The Greenhouse

7-Eleven Store

Mark’s Store

Marina’s Supermarket

Lino’s Meat Shop

The Local Store

Caye Mart

Ritchie’s Supermarket

Lisa & Anthony Anderson

San Pedrano Store

El Dorado Store

Paradise Market

Maria’s Fruit Market

Wine de Vine

LC Distributors

Super Buy

La Divina Providencia

San Pedro Sun

Sunbreeze Suites 1 night double occupancy

Sunbreeze Hotel 1 night double occupancy

Captain Sharks Okuma Adult Rod and Reel & “Cars” Kid’s Tacklebox

Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop Snorkeling trip for 2

Scuba School Belize Snorkeling for 2 or One-Tank Dive or Resort Course

Mystical Adventures Half day Snorkeling for 2

Tanisha Tours Lamanai Ruins tour for 2

Searious Adventure Cave Tubing & Zip Line tour for 2

Mambo Chill Boutique Gift certificate

Go Fish Belize 1 hr. Fly Fishing lesson plus T-shirt and hat

Seaduced by Belize Trip to Cave Tubing & Xunantunich Mayan Ruins for 2

Conch Creative – Photo Session with 5 digitally enhanced photos + 1 ‘super’ enhanced art piece style portrait.

Tropic Air R/T Airline Ticket to Belize City Municipal

Victoria House  Dinner for 2

Blue Water Grill Gift certificate

A very special Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible. Our staff, board and local volunteers are truly the finest. They worked hard, helped enormously and we are fortunate to have such committed supporters. We couldn’t have done it without great cook Carolina Zapata. It’s through determination like theirs that we are able to help our island animals. Thank you all.

Kathy Marin                              Rebecca Coutant

Ingrid Lima                               Eileen Jamison

Renee Steinmetz                     Jackie Cervoni

Faride Salinas                          Iliana Paj

Sharon Metcalfe                      Ashley Goehmann

Allen Soto                                 Minor Perez

Pampered Paws staff

Through the generosity of all the people and businesses listed above, and also of the people of San Pedro Town who attended this event, Saga will be able to continue offering services to our community through Operation SNIP. The goal of Operation SNIP is to sterilize 75% of the island animals in 3-5 years.  This will STABILIZE the pet population. In doing so, virtually NO PETS will be strays, wandering and breeding freely. No animals will be born that will not have Forever homes.

Saga Humane Society


Saga Humane Society would like to give our heartfelt Thank You and gratitude to everyone involved who came and supported our fundraising event Princesses for Paws. The Reigning Queen 2012 Karen Jordan and 2013 La Reina de Costa Maya Queen contestants hosted a benefit cocktail party and silent auction Monday July 29 at Fido’s Restaurant and Bar. The charisma of these generous ladies charmed guests as they drew raffle tickets and posed for photographs to help raise money towards assisting the pets of Ambergris Caye.  We are grateful of the extraordinary support of Marisa Salazar, Gach Guerrero, Will Alamilla and the entire International Costa Maya Committee.  We were honored and humbled to have been a part of this prestigious event.  We are delighted to reveal that nights’ proceeds will be used to spay/neuter over 20 island pets for free through Operation SNIP.

Reina de la Costa Maya 2012-2013 Karen Jordan

Miss Belize Destinee Arnold

Miss Costa Rica Andrea Rojas

Miss El Salvador Fatima Yolanda Maurcicio Magandi

Miss Guatemala Andrea Alejandra Morales Teo

Miss Honduras Monica Alexis Elwing Gough

Miss Mexico Artemisa Rivera Montañés

Miss Nicaragua Ariadna Judith Orellana Melendez

Miss Panama Cleirys Velasquez

Saga HS would like to give a special recognition and appreciation to our charitable business community and residents who contributed their products, time or talents to sponsor this event.  With your ongoing support of Operation SNIP will reach cats and dogs that will probably never see a vet in their lives. We are thankful for the ongoing community support to help solve the problem of pet overpopulation on Ambergris Caye.

Fido’s Restaurant and Bar

Jose Luis Zapata Photography

Rum & Cigar House

Belize Chocolate Company

Romantic Travel Belize

My Secret Deli

Palapa Bar

Lola’s Pub

Belizean Melody Gallery

Asian Day Spa

CG Esthetic

Premium Wine and Spirits

San Pedro Sun

Pampered Paws

Coral Beach Realty

Tranquility Bay Resort

Ambergris Today

Dennis Wolfe & the Usual Suspects

Lara Goldman

Iliana Paj

Brian Cook

Nancy Nida

Dr. Don Tummons

Mary Maytuth

The La Reina de Costa Maya Queens know It’s Hip to SNIP!



Saga Humane Society’s 9th Annual Halloween Party and Fundraiser was held on Sunday, October 28th in Central Park.  Saga wishes to thank each and every person and business who helped us make this event a super success!

We did our best to include everyone who donated merchandise, food, or time to help Saga with this event.  Please let us know right away if we need to add you (and please forgive us).  Thank you!

Fabulous Prize Donations (Auction, Raffle, Giveaways & Contests):

Black Orchid Restaurant
Bed & Breakfast
Blue Water Grill
Caliente’s Restaurant
Captain Sharks
Casa Picasso Restaurant
Changes in Latitudes
Chuck & Robbie’s Dive Shop
Cindy from Asian Gardens Spa
Conch Creative Photography
Coral Cable
Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar
D&E’s Frozen Custard and Sorbet, Owners Eileen and Dan Jamieson
Denny’s Truck Stop and Donut Shop, Owner Ms. Dulce Wolfe
Dive Instructor Eddie Alamilla
El Divino Restaurant at Banana Beach
Elvi’s Kitchen
Go Fish Belize
Heather Beck
Hidden Treasures Restaurant
Hurricanes Ceviche Bar & Restaurant
Indigo Beach Homes
Island Resorts and Carts Belize
Jamila and Jim Janmohamed
Kakaw Chocolate
La Isla Bonita Golfcart Rentals
Leslie’s Salon
Lick’s Cafe
Lynn (niece of Forrest Jones)
Mambo Chill Boutique
Mary Gonzalez
Mary Maykuth
Moncho’s Golfcart Rental
Oceanfront Suites
Palapa Bar & Grill
Pampered Paws Grooming and Pet Store
Phoenix Resort
Picasso Spirits – Ms. Jean Allred
Quan’s Boutique
Red Ginger Restaurant
Roadkill Bar
Seaduced by Belize
Searious Adventures
Sea Turtle
Squirrels Nest Bar at Mata Rocks
Sunbreeze Hotel
Sunbreeze Suites
Tamara Sniffin
Teacher Lisa
The Palms
Tim and Sandy Dorion
Traveller’s Rum & Spirits
Tropic Air
Victoria House
Wahoo’s Lounge
Wayo’s Beach Bar
Wet Willy’s Cantina
Wing’s Department Store

Food and Food Ingredient Donations. So many!

Amaya’s Mini-Store
Ambergris Store
Annie’s Bakery and Chips
Best Buy Store
Big Tree Fruits and Vegetables
Caminantes Store
Casa Pan Dulce Bakery
Caye Mart
Cindy of Asian Garden’s Spa
Dalia’s Store
El Dorado
Island Supermarket
Jamie’s Store
La Divina Providencia
Lino’s Meats
Local Grocery Store
Marina’s Store
Mary Gonzalez of San Pedro Sun
Mermaid Grocery Store
Quality Poultry
Ritchie’s Supermarket
Rock’s Store
Rou Rou Supermarket
San Pedrano Store
Save-On Store
Super Buy Supermarkets
SuperValue Store
The Village Market
Tiendita MC
Wade the Gringo

Just a few of the many delicious food items donated

Our Esteemed Judges:  Councilman Kenrick (SPTC), Lady Dixie Bowen, Cherie Vincent from ACES, Tamara Sniffin of the San Pedro Sun

(L to R) Cherie Vincent, Tamara Sniffin, Councilman Kenrick, Dixie Bowen

Our Special Guest Emcee:   Rhonda Crichton of Morning Matters

(L to R) Ari explaining about doggie poop bags, Rhonda keeping the show running smoothly

Our Wonderful Event Volunteers:  LouAnn & Bob, Renee Steinmetz, Sybil & Dez, Rosa & Joe La Rosa,
Rex & Tiffany, Sue Vasquez, Sue Blair (Coco Loco’s Bar), Jo Ann, Jan Lyons, Mike & Michelle Bell, and Sandy!

Volunteers waiting to serve delicious food

 The Fantastic Winners of the Pet Costume Contest!

Scariest – Owner Sabrina with “Cosmo” the Yorkie spider

Funniest – Owner Katherine Canul with “Jubilee” the Orange Juicebox

Cutest – Owner Carmelita with “Toby” the Chihuahua Bee

Best Couple – Owner Charles Jr. with “Gypsy” together dressed as Men in Black

Most Original – Owner Julian Paz with the Turtle Sunflower

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support Saga by buying raffle tickets, food, beverages, and other merchandise.  Every bit helps to help the Saga help the dogs and cats of Ambergris Caye!

Here are a few more photos from the event.  There were so many cute and creative costumes!













‘Fur-ever Love’ was flying through the air on Valentine’s night at Captain’s Casino!  All the ladies were treated to a glass of champagne and a rose from our hosts, Karen Riley and Ernie Olmstead, the gracious owners and directors of Captain Morgan’s Resort and the Captain’s Casino.

Saga Humane Society is very happy to report that just over $3,000BZ was raised from the event.

Saga H.S. would like to send heartfelt Thanks to Karen and Ernie for extending Saga the stupendous generosity that made this benefit event possible, including all the items donated by the Resort for raffle prizes that made the night great fun for our guests!  A big “Thank You” also goes out to the wonderful staff at the Resort and Casino that were simply stellar in their service and hospitality; they are outstanding!

Saga HS would also like to thank Jose Luis and Perlita Zapata of Jose Luis Zapata Photography for capturing the evening’s couples and the event; Ambergris Brewing Company, Premium Wines & Liquors, Wine De Vine, Bruce Pickering, and Coleen Creeden for their contributions and donations to the Raffle Prizes, and to Gecko Graphics, San Pedro Sun and Quicksilver for contributions to the event’s marketing efforts, Thank You!

The big winner of the night’s raffles was Jack Brown who won the Raffle Grand Prize “Lovers’ Basket of Goodies,” which was filled with Italian red wine, Tia Maria liqueur, Ambergris Brewing Co. fresh roasted coffee & Kakaw dark chocolate.

Thanks also to the many individuals who donated to Saga above and beyond the entry fee for the night, especially Deborah Valentine, Gene Wells and Janet Wells for their generous $300BZ donation.

Thank you too to the folks working as a Saga volunteer for the night, and finally, a very special Thank You for each and every person who came out and enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s evening at this Captain’s Casino benefit event.  Saga Humane Society appreciates your continued support!


The San Pedro SAGA Humane Society has been providing humane services to animals of San Pedro since it was founded in March of 1999. Among the services provided are: dog patrols to pickup strays, dangerous, diseased, mistreated/abused, abandoned or injured animals; respond to complaints of dog attacks, dog fights, noise nuisance and other negative interactions between animals, provide free rabies shots for all animals, provide free or low cost medical treatment to animals of individuals who may otherwise not be able to afford it; serve as a shelter where homeless or mistreated animals may receive food and treatment as well as serves as an adoption agent to animal lovers among other services.

SAGA’S journey to acquire a full time veterinarian started in April of this year. In June, committee members saw an approaching end to their struggle when a temporary conditional permit was issued to Dr. Lauren Henkel (Veterinarian). This permit allowed Dr. Henkel to provide veterinary services to strays, suffering animals and pets belonging to underprivileged owners. While the Humane Society was offering veterinary services, the terms of the permit were unclear as to what would qualify an individual as being “underprivileged”.

After a 23-week process, the San Pedro SAGA Humane Society is extremely happy to report that Dr. Henckel received her unrestricted, permanent license to practice at the SAGA Humane Society Clinic on Saturday October 2nd, 2010. Dr. Henckel is excited at the opportunity to provide services to ALL residents of San Pedro and their pets. SAGA offers monthly specials to its patrons. For the month of October, being the month of Halloween, SAGA is offering discounted spays and neuters to all cats, and at no cost for black cats. The community is also invited to start planning for SAGA’s annual Halloween Bash. Details of this activity will be released as it becomes available.

The SAGA Board would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people of San Pedro and everyone who signed their petition, Facebooked and posted on message boards in support of SAGA, with special thanks to Minister Manuel Heredia, Minister Rene Montero, Dr. Miguel DePaz, Ms. Iraida Gonzalez, Humane Society International, Eileen and Dan Jamison at Dande’s, Phil and Marie of Gecko Graphics, Colette Kase of Conch Creative, Marty Casado of, Mr. Nano Guerrero of SP Town Council and Mayor Elsa Paz, Ms. Tillett of the Health Dept., Tom and Val Gilbert, and the dedicated SAGA Staff Dr. Lauren Henckel, Ingrid Lima, and Noami Castro.

The SAGA Humane Society and Veterinary Clinic is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. On Saturdays, SAGA is open from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon. In addition to veterinary services, SAGA is available to render assistance with adoptions, surrenders, abuse/neglect reports and other animal issues. SAGA’s Clinic is closed on Sundays and Mondays. For more information and to make an appointment, please call 226-3266, and for emergencies, SAGA may be reached at 660-4303.

San Pedro Sun