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Saga HS would like to give a sincere Thank You to El Fogon and every person involved in making Cook Off- Central America September 19 a festive and successful night.  Newly paved Trigger Street, country flags made for a celebratory atmosphere for a block party all provided by gracious hosts El Fogon for the evening. Money raised will be used for the October SNIP-a-thon. Saga HS will be hosting visiting vets to provide over 300 FREE spay/neuter for low income island residents.


All eight countries of Central America were represented with impressive entries into this month’s contest. After all the votes were counted Feliz Bar’s was the 1st prize winner for Pollo Encebollado – (Nicaragua).  2nd prize winner went to El Fogon for Tamales – (Belizean).  3rd prize Croquetas de res con queso – (Costa Rica) to Carolina Caldweld. The other delicious dishes were Pupusas (Salvador) from Pupuseria tipico Salvadoranio Restaurant , Chicken Quesadillas (Mexico) – Faride Lima , Stuffed Plantains w/ cream – (Honduras) Letty Hernandes, Patacones – (Panama) Carolina Caldweld, Boyos (Guatemalan tamales) – Patricia Rosalez.  We are very grateful to have the support of all those who entered. Thank you to dish sponsors Rene Steinmetz, Pampered Paws, Sew What, and Wolfgang Wind.
Local business generously supported the night with donations for our famous raffle and Tropical Sangria.  The raffle prizes were a Digicell (BTL) gift Basket and free 4G service cards, Carlo &Ernie’s Runway Bar gift certificate and wine from Premium Wine and  Spirits. Travellers Liquor donated brandy and Chef Chap Ross made the Tropical Sangria. We are grateful to these businesses that make a commitment to make a difference in our community.

The night was made possible by our hardworking volunteers. Thank you for helping make the night a triumph. Volunteers Rene Steinmetz, Sharon Metcalfe, Cindy Carlson, Jackie Cervonie, Janina Canales, Grant Crimmings, Sandy Rigby, Alan Soto, Omar Alavarez and Suzelie.


El Fogon knows It’s Hip to SNIP!

1st Place Winner Heather Smith of Feliz Bar for Pollo Encebollado - (Nicaragua)

1st Place Winner Heather Smith of Feliz Bar for Pollo Encebollado – (Nicaragua)

2nd prize winner went to Susanna Eiley,  El Fogon for Tamales - Belizean

2nd prize winner went to Susanna Eiley, El Fogon for Tamales – Belizean

Proud winner of a DigiCell gift basket

Proud winner of a DigiCell gift basket

Lucky winner of a week of FREE 4G service from DigiCell

Lucky winner of a week of FREE 4G service from DigiCell

Happy winner of a bottle of wine from Premium Wine and Spirits

Happy winner of a bottle of wine from Premium Wine and Spirits

Winner of a week of 4G service from DigiCell

Winner of a week of 4G service from DigiCell

Happy winner of 4G service from DigiCell

Happy winner of 4G service from DigiCell

Who's a happy winner of 4G service from Digicell?

Who’s a happy winner of 4G service from Digicell?

Heather Smith happy about her DigiCell 4G service card

Heather Smith happy about her DigiCell 4G service card

Saga HS loves our young supporters.

Saga HS loves our young supporters.

All our supporters should be so cute.

All our supporters should be so cute.

Winner of raffle for Carlo & Ernie's Runway Bar

Winner of raffle for Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar

Announcing the winners

Announcing the winners

A young volunteer drawing raffle tickets

A young volunteer drawing raffle tickets

Patacones - (Panama) Carolina Caldweld

Patacones – (Panama) Carolina Caldweld

Boyos (Guatemalan tamales) – Patricia Rosalez

Boyos (Guatemalan tamales) – Patricia Rosalez

The serving line at Cook Off Central America

The serving line at Cook Off Central America

Saga HS staff member Omar Alavarez and Suzelie help serve the delicous dishes.

Saga HS staff member Omar Alavarez and Suzelie help serve the delicous dishes.

The line forms to taste all the fabulous dishes at Cook Off Central America.

The line forms to taste all the fabulous dishes at Cook Off Central America.


Cook Off Central America had a festive atmosphere with colorful country flags provided by El Fogon.

Cook Off Central America had a festive atmosphere with colorful country flags provided by El Fogon.


Saga Humane Society would like to give our heartfelt Thank You and gratitude to everyone involved who came and supported our fundraising event Princesses for Paws. The Reigning Queen 2012 Karen Jordan and 2013 La Reina de Costa Maya Queen contestants hosted a benefit cocktail party and silent auction Monday July 29 at Fido’s Restaurant and Bar. The charisma of these generous ladies charmed guests as they drew raffle tickets and posed for photographs to help raise money towards assisting the pets of Ambergris Caye.  We are grateful of the extraordinary support of Marisa Salazar, Gach Guerrero, Will Alamilla and the entire International Costa Maya Committee.  We were honored and humbled to have been a part of this prestigious event.  We are delighted to reveal that nights’ proceeds will be used to spay/neuter over 20 island pets for free through Operation SNIP.

Reina de la Costa Maya 2012-2013 Karen Jordan

Miss Belize Destinee Arnold

Miss Costa Rica Andrea Rojas

Miss El Salvador Fatima Yolanda Maurcicio Magandi

Miss Guatemala Andrea Alejandra Morales Teo

Miss Honduras Monica Alexis Elwing Gough

Miss Mexico Artemisa Rivera Montañés

Miss Nicaragua Ariadna Judith Orellana Melendez

Miss Panama Cleirys Velasquez

Saga HS would like to give a special recognition and appreciation to our charitable business community and residents who contributed their products, time or talents to sponsor this event.  With your ongoing support of Operation SNIP will reach cats and dogs that will probably never see a vet in their lives. We are thankful for the ongoing community support to help solve the problem of pet overpopulation on Ambergris Caye.

Fido’s Restaurant and Bar

Jose Luis Zapata Photography

Rum & Cigar House

Belize Chocolate Company

Romantic Travel Belize

My Secret Deli

Palapa Bar

Lola’s Pub

Belizean Melody Gallery

Asian Day Spa

CG Esthetic

Premium Wine and Spirits

San Pedro Sun

Pampered Paws

Coral Beach Realty

Tranquility Bay Resort

Ambergris Today

Dennis Wolfe & the Usual Suspects

Lara Goldman

Iliana Paj

Brian Cook

Nancy Nida

Dr. Don Tummons

Mary Maytuth

The La Reina de Costa Maya Queens know It’s Hip to SNIP!



Hi!  My name is Tootsie!  I was rescued a month or so ago by the good folks at Pampered Paws and brought to Saga.  I was a real mess but as you can see I am all better now.  I’m about 1 1/2 years old and would be a great companion to you.   Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today!


Everyone dislikes parasites.  They are unpleasant, unwelcome, they suck our blood and they spread disease.  What many people don’t know is that those annoying pests, ticks, spread a deadly disease to our furry best friends, known as tick fever.

There are several diseases, commonly called ‘tick fever’, spread by ticks, but the two most common in Belize are Canine Erlichiosis and Canine Anaplasmosis.  Big words for serious diseases that come from something as tiny as at tick.

Pit Boss was the name given to a very sad and sick young pit bull, who like many of his breed had been bought by irresponsible owners who cared little for him.  When a local businesswoman found Pit Boss, he was a walking skeleton – every bone showing through his skin, his dark eyes bulging from his head, pleading for help.  When he was taken to SAGA his life hung by a fragile thread.  He had no energy left and was bleeding heavily from the nose.  The SAGA staff team worked tirelessly for three weeks, giving him top notch veterinary care, special medication and plenty of love.

Sadly, that thread finally snapped and Pit Boss’s life came to a tragic end.  Not only did he have two types of tick fever, but he also had heartworms – another disease spread by parasites (mosquitoes) that is easily preventable.  Pit Boss’s owners had neglected him for so long that his kidneys were too badly affected and he was never able to recover the strength he needed to survive.  Another heartbreak for SAGA  – but of course, for every sad ending, there are more happy endings.

Rex was found abandoned, wandering the streets of San Pedro and picked up by the SAGA animal welfare team.  These are dedicated volunteers who collect stray, abandoned, neglected and abused dogs for SAGA Humane Society to make sure that they get a second chance.   Rex also had tick fever and heartworm, but the good news is that SAGA got him before he lost his fight with the diseases.

Rex wasn’t a big strong looking dog – in fact he was the total opposite, but looks can be deceiving.  After 6 weeks of intensive treatment he was improving, beating the sickness a day at a time.  A lovely family came into SAGA and fell in love with Rex’s sweet personality and gentle nature.  They were more than happy to agree to continue with his treatment and while it will still be a few more months before he is fit and healthy, there is no better place for him to recover than in the care of a permanent and loving home with people who love him dearly.

Tick fever can be treated easily and inexpensively if it is caught early, but the symptoms can be confusing.  They can include a lack of appetite, fever, nosebleeds, runny eyes and nose, weight loss, depression, eye problems, bleeding through the skin and bruising, vomiting, diarrhea, joint pain and lameness, stiffness of the neck and seizures.  Any of these symptoms can be a sign that your dog has tick fever.  Some dogs have tick fever and show no symptoms at all and then can suddenly become very sick.  The only way to know for sure if your pet has tick fever is with a special test.

Dogs cannot catch tick fever from other dogs and people cannot catch tick fever from dogs either.  But – people can catch the human type of tick fever from ticks.  So, remember that ticks are not only ‘ick’ but they are dangerous too.

Ticks live in long grass so keep your grass cut and keep your pets away from areas with long grass.  Use good quality tick prevention treatments such as Preventic collars, Frontline and Promeris –available from SAGA or Pampered Paws.  Check your pets every day for ticks and parasites.  If you find that your dog has even one tick it is better to be safe than sorry.   Talk to the SAGA vet.  Don’t let your best friend end up like Pit Boss.

If you’d like to find out more about protecting your pet from tick fever or if you are worried that your pet is showing any of the symptoms of tick fever, even if you haven’t seen a tick, please contact SAGA on 226 3266 – before it’s too late!


Saga Humane Society would like to give a big thanks to Mojito Bar and their great staff for hosting our Pasta Cook-off.  Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for the Saga shelter animals with an anonymous donor pledging to match all proceeds from this event; Saga was able to raise just over $3,000.  There was a great turnout of visitors and locals who enjoyed all the fine Pasta dishes presented.

Winners were:  3rd Place:  Chicken Fettuccine ala Parmesan from Faride Salinas who received a Cutlery Set; 2nd Place:  Pineapple Chipotle Pasta from Xenika Nicole Armstrong who received a lovely set of 8 Pub Glasses; and 1st Place:  Pork Chow Mein from Sharon Metcalfe who Received a Toaster Oven.

We would also like to thank our other entries for their wonderful dishes.  Pasta Fiesta Salad – Pineapples Restaurant; Dill Macaroni Salad – LouAnn LeClaire; Bow Ties a Ragu de Tonno – Rosa LaRosa; Shrimp Roulade with Prosecco Tarragon Cream Sauce – Chap Ross & Kathy Neimic; Tia’s Salad – Tia Hindson; and Veggie Callaloni – Mathieu’s Deli.

Raffle Prizes: Kim Gonzalez won a Full Groom from Pampered Paws sponsored by George’s Kitchen. A visiting tourist won a Rod & Reel courtesy of Captain Sharks.  And Eliza and her parents Jessica Waters & Stephen Card won Dinner for 2 plus a Mojito courtesy of Mojito Bar.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success.

Heather Beck              Janina Canales

Grant Crimmins          Ingrid Juarez

Joe LaRosa                  Rosa LaRosa

Bob LeClaire               LouAnn LeClaire

Ingrid Lima                 Katia Marin

Sharon Metcalfe          Lori Purdy

Nancy Rountree          Jonny Woodward

Saga Humane Society would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

The crowd enjoying the Meow-jito's, Ruff-n-Rum's and more at the bar.

Mojito Bar hosted our cook-off…a lovely setting
Raffle prize – dinner for 2 at Mojito Bar was won by Eliza who will probably take mom & dad to dinner

Saga Humane Society would like to give our warmest Thanks to all of our supporters in the San Pedro Town community for helping to make our 8th Annual Halloween Party a wonderful success.  Central Park was alive with the lively sounds of Rompe Raja and giggling children.  Our honored judges Miss Conchita Flota, Mr. Daniel Guerrero and Miss Melanie Paz had a hard time deciding on the winners of the Costume Contest.   After much discussion the winners were announced.

Scariest                                     Hefa the Witch                          Owner – Melanie Halliday

Funniest                                    Kilo the Beach Babe                 Jennifer Ingvoldstad

Cutest                                       Ginger Hot Dog                                   Tiana

Best Couple                              Nina the Bumble Bee                 Annie Nunez

Most Original                            Juices & Paryias Rastas dog        Shelly Del Valle

GRAND CHAMPION             Luna the Ferret as Rebel Fairy     Rochelle Hancock


Thank you to San Pedro Town Council for the use of Central Park, the delivery, setup of tables and tents.  We were honored by guest appearances by Her Honor Mayor Elsa Paz and Miss San Pedro Yakeralie Hernandez.  Thank you to Sergio Gomez of Mousepad and Javier Williams for tables and chairs.  The business community of San Pedro was very generous in their donations for our raffles, food and Silent Auction.  Please accept our humble thanks.


Aquarius Hair Salon                               Average Joe’s Bar                      Antojitos Restaurant

Caliente, Blue Water Grill, Red Ginger                                                     Carumba

Caye Grill, at Reef Village                       Celi’s Restaurant                                    El Divino Restaurant

Estelle’s Dine by the Sea                                    Funky Monkey Bar & Grill         J&J Laundry

Jambel Jerk Pit                                       Kama Lounge Bistro                 Legends Burger House

Leslie Salon                                           Mar de Color Salon                   Squirrel’s Nest at Mata Rocks

Mickey’s Restaurant                               Moncho’s                                 Pampered Paws

Premium Wine & Spirits                         Road Kill                                  Rum & Cigar House

Sail Away Café                                       Ms. Sara’s Kitchen                     The Reef Restaurant

Ultimate Rentals                                                Wahoo’s Lounge                       Waruguma

Wet Willy’s Cantina                                Ak’bol                                      Amigo del Mar

Conch Creative                                     Go Fish Belize                           Peace of Belize

Seaduced by Belize                                 Sunbreeze Hotel                                    Sunbreeze Suites

Suya Tours                                            Tropic Air                                 Victoria House

Pirate Jim                                              Jan Brown                                Dixie Bowen

The Boat Yard, Mark & Emory              DandE’s Frozen Custard                       Mary Hawthorne

Rebecca McDonald                               Annie Nunez                             Island Dogs – Dan Keeler

Mini’s store                                           Ambergris Store                                    Maya Store

Super Buy                                             Wendy’s Store                           Amaya’s Store

Rou Rou Supermarket                            7-Eleven Store                           Dalia’s Store

The Local Store                                     Green Valley Produce                The Green House

Big Tree Fruits & Vegetables                  La Divina Providencia                Marina’s Store

Quality Poultry Products                         Annie’s Pastries                         Richies Supermarket

San Pedrano Store                                 Gecko Graphics


A very special Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible.

Ari Trejo                                               Grant Crimmins                                    Kathy Marin

Lori Purdy                                            Ingrid Lima                               Faride Salinas

Noemi Castro                                       Carolina Gonzalez                     Joe & Rosa LaRosa

Bruce Pickering                                      Jose Rodgriquez                                                Sharon Metcalfe

Colette Kase                                          Allen Soto                                             Eileen Jamison, Beggar extranaire

Mary Hawthorne                                   Todd & Teresa Thorn                           Edna Marin

Jessica Juarez



Through the generosity of all the people and businesses listed above, and also of the people of San Pedro Town who attended this event, Saga will be able to continue caring for over 60 animals at our shelter. The costs associated with a stay of an animal include: intake, vaccinations, spay/neutering services, vet services and the housing of the animal until it is adopted. Saga depends on the support of our friends in the community to fund our programs. Saga receives no government funding, it depends entirely on private donations, fund raising and our clinic income.


We thank you for your support.


Saga Humane Society



SAGA Humane Society would like to thank to all our entries for Cook-Off Pasta, Attendees, Donors and The Tackle Box Bar & Grill a great event July 20, 2011.  Your support, efforts and talents help make our Cook-Offs a success.  Proceeds support and benefit SAGA Shelter Animals until they can find Forever Homes.
SAGA has the pleasure to announce the top prizes for Cook-Off Pasta.  1st Place was awarded to Handmade Spinach Fettuccine with smoked fish, avocado and basil tomato salad made by Anna & Gunter – Mathieu’s Deli.  They received an Ipod Shuffle.

2nd Place was for Gnocchi with bacon, mushroom and Gorgonzola cream sauce, served with
Three Cheese Bread made by Sharon Metcalfe.  $75.00 Gift Certificate courtesy of El Divino
Restaurant at Banana Beach Resort.

3rd Place was Fettuccini and Broccoli in Chicken Flavored Sauce entered by Ingrid Lima, sponsored by Pampered Paws.  She won a Glass Pitcher with Glasses Set.

Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese-  Chap Ross sponsored by Kim Bierman
Chicken Pasta with Veggie Medley-  Bill Nelson & Georgia McClennan
Chicken BBQ Pasta- Carolina Gonzalez
Really Awesome Mac n’ Cheese- Lori Purdy
Lobster Fra-Diavzo with Penne- Bruce Pickering
Seafood Chipotle- Tackle Box Bar & Grill
Shrimp Creole Pasta- Mel Spain

Raffle prizes donated were : $50.00 Gift Certificate  to Pampered Paws for a full groom, $50.00 Gift Certificate to Saga Humane Society,  Bottle wine.


The Board Members and Staff of SAGA HUMANE SOCIETY would like to extend their heartfelt ‘THANK YOU” to all of those who participated in and donated at this year’s 2010 fundraiser at the 5th Annual San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade – we had 2 Booths this year; Photos with Santa and a Christmas Spirit Drinks and Treats, and were successful in raising over $2,000!!. We could not have done it without you.

To our Donor’s:

Alan Soto
Carolina Gonzalez
Collette & Maya
Cuban Coffee
Edna Marin
Gecko Graphics
Heidi Sowards
Ingrid & Edgar
Keli Engleson – I DO Belize Weddings
Laura Sutton
Marina’s Store
Mary Hawthorne
Mary Pugh
Pampered Paws
Rebecca McDonald
Ruby’s Café
Susie Quist
Tom and Valerie Gilbert

To our Volunteers in our Christmas Spirits & Treats Booth:

Ari Trejo
Bruce Pickering
Coleen Creeden
Grant Crimmins

And to our Volunteers in our 3rd Annual Photo’s with Santa Booth:

Santa – Bill Ford
Santa’s Lovely Helpers:  Carolina, Elena, Ingrid, & Noemi
Santa’s Elves:  Ethan, Lily, & Morgan
Photographer:  Michael Shaw
Photo Helpers:  Eileen Jamison, Katia Marin, & Lori Purdy

THANK YOU to the community for your continued support of Saga Humane Society.  We look forward to seeing you next year at the 6th Annual Lighted Boat Parade.