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Hi!  My name is Izzy!  I’m a little over a year old and I’m a very sweet and affectionate little girl.  My owners moved away and left me and my brother here at Saga.  We are so thankful to have been brought here, Omar is taking such good care of us until you come and adopt me (and hopefully my brother too).  Please come see us and all our friends at the Saga Humane Society today!


APPETIZERS is the theme!

Bistro Mestizo  is the host for SAGA Humane Society’s monthly cook-off Wednesday January 23, 6pm.

Please be sure to come out and support San Pedro’s Humane Society. A fun evening for the whole family!
To enter a dish, please call the clinic at 226-3266, or contact any Saga representative. Your dish needs to serve a
minimum of 65 bite size or sample size servings. Registration is not required, but encouraged. Please bring your entry
by 6:00 p.m. on the night of the event. Food serving starts approximately 6:30pm. Tickets sell fast!
ONLY $10.00 BZ to sample all the entries! You vote for the winner!
*Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
*Great Raffles!


Two years ago, “Peppito” arrived from SAGA to us in the city, and our lives were never the same again. My twins learnt the true meaning of love and caring for a pet, and he is such a smart, special, beautiful little dog. Rescue Dogs are the best… they are loyal and possess an intelligence that’s just amazing. Adopt an animal from a shelter… you’ll never regret it!

Peppito and Family


AMAZING! All donations made to SAGA from now until Friday, via Paypal, in person and the money that we raise at Thursday’s cook-off WILL BE MATCHED UP to $2000USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great Christmas present to give to the animals of San Pedro. Thanks so much Heather Beck of K-9 Lifeline.

Please join us on Thursday at Wet Willy’s Cantina and make this a record breaker!


¡Hola!  My name is Capitan and I’m a 3 month old boy.  My Mom and I, along with my cat sister, were abandoned.  A really nice person called Saga and told them that we were hungry and needed help and they came and rescued all three of us right away!  I’m a really happy guy, full of fun and have lots and lots of love to give.  Please come see all of us at the Saga Humane Society today!


My name is Sky!  I know, I know……I look a little scruffy but I was just rescued off the streets, and I could do with a bit of a grooming.  Underneath all this wild hair I have the sweetest face you’ll ever see.  I’m a 5- month old girl, love kids, dogs and cats.  I’m full of energy and am waiting to go home with you today!   Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today!



UPDATE October 19, 2012:  Sky has been adopted and is now living on the mainland!


Captain’s Casino welcomes the 2012 Costa Maya International Pageant Delegates for a Casino Night Cocktail Party.  100% of the night’s proceeds will benefit SAGA and support the humane treatment of stray animals in San Pedro.  Help SAGA help them find Forever Homes!



¨ FREE APPETIZERS– Mini Pizza,  Shrimp Cocktail, Pork Sliders




Help Saga celebrate Happy “NO” Father’s Day” by donating
to our spay/neuter fund. Donations can be made through
by visiting our website
It only costs $100 for us to be able to spay/neuter each animal.
Can you help us Fix San Pedro?