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Saga Humane Society aims to help reduce the problems associated with community and street animals on Ambergris Caye by introducing a pet population management program, Operation SNIP (Spay Neuter Initiative Project).  To reduce the breeding populations and reduce the number of street animals, 75-90% of all dogs and cats on the island will need to be sterilized in a 3-5 year time frame to be effective.  Saga HS has pledged to raise money or bring visiting Veterinary teams to offer low cost or free spay/neuter, with a goal of 1,000 animals per year during this project. The primary objective of comprehensive animal management program should be to keep the population of dogs and cats on Ambergris Caye down to a level where there is no need to destroy healthy and friendly animals, but without accumulating them in the Saga HS shelter.

To help us reach our goal of 1,000 animals for 2013 Saga HS is pleased to make available 75 free spay/neuters for the month of July. Dr. Baptist will be performing surgeries the second week of July.  Dr. Don Tummons of Duck Hollow Animal Hospital in Uniontown, PA will return to San Pedro July 15-26. Dr. Dr. Don helped Saga HS kick off Operation SNIP on his last visit in March 2013 in which he spay/neutered 50 animals.  He and his assistant Mary Maykuth are superstars to Saga HS, they use their own vacation time to come and help the animals of Ambergris Caye.

To help raise money and recognize our special guests join us Wednesday July 17, 2013 at Wet Willy’s Cantina for Cook Off- Summer Salads.  Tickets go on sale at 6pm, serving will start at 6:30.  Arrive early as tickets do sell out early.  Cook Off entries should be able to serve 60 sample portions.  There will be raffle prizes with all the nights’ proceeds benefiting Operation SNIP.

Take advantage of this limited promotion during July for free spay/neuter. Call for your appointment 226-3266

San Pedro knows It’s Hip to SNIP!


Hi!  My name is Sophie!  I was living in a trash can and was rescued and brought to Saga.   I’m 8 weeks old and very sweet and playful and very grateful to have been brought here.  Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today! 226-3266




How can you resist this cuteness?  These kittens are available for adoption at Saga HS.  Stop by clinic Tues-Sat 226-3266.

Kitten available for adoption.

Kitten available for adoption.


Saga’s statistics for 2012 are as follows – these show that the animals allowed to breed freely in
private homes are a significant part of the problem of animal over population. People are letting
their animals have puppies and kittens. When they cannot or do not want to care for them, they
surrender them to Saga HS or let them out into the street.

Dogs Rounded Up :180
Dogs Returned to Owner: 33 (after payment of a fine)
Surrender (owner left at Saga): 359 Dogs and Cats
Euthanized: 346 Dogs and Cats, 99 were dogs from rounds ups
Adopted Out into New Homes: 168 Dogs and Cats
Spayed/Neutered: 451 Dogs and Cats
Vaccinated: 159 Dogs and Cats
Treated Free of Charge: 134 Dogs and Cats

Unwanted animals

Unwanted animals




Come visit the Saga “cattery”!  It’s a cat’s dream: a big, outdoor space where our cats can play together. It also means that you can step on in and play with the cats and kittens to find the perfect one for you!

The following adorable cats are available for adoption now.  Call 226-3266 for further information on any of the kitties below.  And if you can’t adopt one, please consider sponsoring a shelter animal!

PSSSSTjust click on each photo below for a closer look!  And scroll down to see the lucky cats who have been adopted recently!


STARZ ~ young female (14 weeks)

Starz is a very pretty light-colored calico.  She is very curious with the camera!


HECTOR ~ young male (12 weeks)

Hector is very playful, sweet, and full of energy.   Meow!


NIGHT ~ young female (12 weeks)

Night is a cutie!   She loves to be pet, to meet new people, and play with her toys.


CICI ~ adult female

Cici is a sweet kitty who loves to watch everything from her perch.  She loves to be pet and pampered!


LORENZO ~ adult male
Lorenzo is a great cat who loves to relax and cuddle! Come meet him at Saga today!


adult female
Concha is playful & friendly, with a beautiful tortoiseshell coloring.


adult male
Nelson is very curious and loves to visit and play with people in the new cattery!

 COCO ~ 4 year old female
Coco is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat who gets along great with other cats and even dogs!

SAPHIRA ~ 3 month old female
Saphira was brought to Saga a few weeks ago with her sister.  Her sister found a wonderful home, but this sweet lovebug is still looking for her fur-ever family.


The lucky cats below have been adopted into new fur-ever homes!









Ramon Nunez

Saga would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Ramon Nunez for soliciting a donation of $1000.00 bze towards the SNIP (Spay Neuter Initiative Program) campaign.

For every $1000.00 raised, we can spay/neuter 30 dogs/cats.

Thank you, Mr. Nunez!



Hi!  My name is Chica.  I’m one year old and was rescued from the DFC area with my 5 kittens who are all now adopted.  As you can see I am getting plenty of attention from Kylie, Rochelle and Dulce here at Saga but I would love a full time home with you!  Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today!


Hi!  My name is Cheeta!  I moved here from the States with my family and they had to go back to the States and could not take me.  My sister was adopted yesterday and I’m here with my good friend Jaslyn.  I’m 7 years old and a very sweet girl.  I’ve lived indoors all my life and hope to find a new family to take me in soon.   Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today.