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Happy Tails are wagging for Lexi-Loo, she took the Potlicker Express to Canada! Thank you Dallas Lane for adopting a 100% Belizean Potlicker from Saga Humane Society.
“Lexi-Loo on her way to Canada! Thanks Saga for helping me take home this little gem! She is enjoying her new mountain life!”

Lexi-Loo taking the Potlicker Express to Canada!

Lexi-Loo taking the Potlicker Express to Canada!


Mandy adopted Marcus from Saga in March of 2012, and he now lives in Canada with her and her family.  In Mandy’s own words:

“Marcus came to us at a time when I was resistant to letting another pet into my heart as I was still grieving the loss of our beloved Dogue de Bordeaux 2 yrs after she passed!  When our property manager in San Pedro advised me to get a ‘yard’ dog for added security, the kids convinced me that it was time to move on so we visited the dogs over at [Fort Dog]….we walked a few different dogs and although Fiona stole our hearts, she wasn’t suitable for protection as well as companionship so we went with Marcus who quickly found his own place in our hearts, our life and our family bed!  He has proven to be a very loyal, loving and protective companion for all of us and as you know, our family would not be complete without him.

I would like to express sincere gratitude to Saga and the volunteers who give up their own time to help connect these lovable little guys with forever homes!

(Marcus starts obedience training today; I will send you a pic when he graduates!)

Marcus arrives in Canada

Marcus going to his new home

Merry Christmas Marcus!


In February 2009, we visited friends in Ambergris Caye, Belize. They foster dogs for Saga – the local humane society.  This year, they fostered a little beagle named Toby. Toby used to live at the Belize Yacht club, but his owner gave him up for reasons unknown.

My 6 year only daughter and I fell in love with Toby instantly. We talked
about getting a beagle for years and here was a sweet one who
needed a home.  The deal was sealed a few days later when we woke to find
him smack in the middle of our bed with his head on the pillow! That was
it – I woke up my husband and said we had to bring him home with us.

Adoption was remarkably easy.  We went to Saga Humane Society and they
prepared the rabies and health certificate.  They also advised quarantine
was not necessary for dogs being brought into Canada from Belize (Belize is
part of the Commonwealth).  I called the airline, made arrangements and we
flew home.

We’re so happy to have Toby.  I own my own business and he comes to work
with me every day as our mascot – a job he adores.  But when he’s off duty,
he’s simply our baby and a great addition to our family!