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Lucky Dog rescued in San Pedro ends up in BostonIt was 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning that the call came in about a dog in the San Pedrito area that needed help.  Injured from a fall from a second story roof top and after spending the night exposed to a bad electrical storm, SAGA volunteers arriving on the scene were not sure the dog was still alive.  But, upon contact, the nine month old puppy lifted her head and licked the hands of her rescuers.

After spending two weeks in the veterinary hospital and another month at the SAGA Clinic battling a badly infected leg, the puppy, dubbed Lucky (to be alive) finally recovered enough to go to a foster home for additional care.

Although Lucky thrived in foster care, it was determined that she had survived distemper earlier-on in her short life and would, as a result, always be unsteady on her feet and subject to seizures.  Her foster parents realized that this made Lucky less desirable for adoption and they were prepared to keep her themselves. (more…)


RowdyWe heard him before we saw him. As my family approached the SAGA clinic, we heard his loud crying. It was like a new baby screaming for attention. When we entered the clinic, we were surprised to find that the noise was coming from a very young puppy. The tiny two pound dog was not happy to be in a pet carrier. He had his teeth clenched onto the door of the carrier and was wailing. He had been found the day before and was not in good condition.



2013 Community Accomplishments –

Saga HS Clinic and Shelter- Saga HS operates a not for profit Veterinary Clinic in San Pedro that is open to the public. As well as a animal shelter, Ft. Dog for homeless dogs and cats available for adoption. There was a 36% decrease in adoptions from the shelter, as residents buying and importing “breed” animals to the island.

  • 12% decrease in shelter animals- With a 30% increase in animal care costs, and fewer owner surrenders the Saga HS shelter saw a decrease in animals in the shelter.
  • 150% increase in animals treated free of charge- With the economy still struggling, free services increased in 2013 to low income residents.
  •  216% increase in vaccinations- To control the spread of diseases distemper, rabies and parvo vaccines were given to low income residents at no charge.
  • CDV outbreak and Mobile Clinics-   After 22 cases of distemper had been seen at the Saga HS clinic, it was clear there was an outbreak in San Mateo. To prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease Saga HS held a Mobile Clinic Tuesday August 6 & 13 to the San Mateo area. Saga HS vaccinated 151 the area dogs and distributed antibiotics to affected dogs.  5 dogs were transported back to Saga HS clinic with advance symptoms of distemper and humanly euthanized. Vaccines were at no charge to low income residents or $10 for those who could afford to pay. Estimated cost to Saga HS was $2,000 which was subsidized through donations. Success was measured through a decrease in cases of CDV in San Mateo and the lack of the disease spreading to other neighborhoods.
  • Wildlife- Saga HS Veterinarian Dr. Baptist assisted operating on two different injured and sick marine turtles for the Ambergris Caye Marine Turtle Program. Lucky the Green and Flipper the Hawksbill both made a recovery and released back to the sea.


Operation SNIP – Saga HS aims to help reduce the problems associated with community and street animals on Ambergris Caye by introducing a pet population management program, Operation SNIP (Spay Neuter Initiative Project). To reduce the breeding populations and reduce the number of street animals, 75-90% of all dogs and cats on the island will need to be sterilized in a 3-5 year time frame to be effective.  The primary objective of comprehensive management program should be to keep the population of dogs and cats in a particular area down to a level where there is no need to destroy healthy and friendly animals, but without accumulating them in a shelter.

After analyzing the numbers, owner surrenders were averaging 422 animals per year in between 2009-2012.  43% of those surrenders were euthanized due to lack of homes, decreases in adoption rates or for adverse health reasons. SNIP efforts were concentrated on owned animals that were left to breed freely in backyards, only to be surrendered or turned loose to the streets as strays. SNIP was offered to owners for no cost in 2013 to increase owner participation.

  • 42% increase– 639 animals were sterilized through SNIP in 2013. The estimated cost to Saga HS was $32,000 which was subsidized through volunteers, grants, donations and fundraising efforts. Success was measured by a decrease of 26% in owner surrenders and a 27% decrease in surrender euthanasia.
  • Volunteer Vet- Dr. Don Tummons of Duck Hollow Animal Hospital in Uniontown, PA helped kick off Operation SNIP in March 2013 with 50 free spay/neuters. He returned for a week in July to help complete 75 spay/neuters for the month. Dr. Tummons and his assistant Mary Maykuth are superstars to Saga HS, as their volunteer their time and expertise and vacation time to come help the animals of Ambergris Caye.
  •  World Spay Day- 25 animals were sterilized in co-ordination with World Spay Day promoted by The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International. 
  • SNIP-a-thon- During the month of October Saga HS hosted two different visiting Veterinary groups Helping Paws Across Borders and Hopkins Belize Humane Society that provided 208 free spay/neuter clinics for the low income residents of Ambergris Caye in DFC and San Mateo. In addition to the free spay/neuters the teams did wellness check up’s, additional CDV vaccinations and parasite treatments. Success was measured by the high turnout of owners bringing their animals to the Mobile MASH Clinics, instead of requiring transportation to Saga HS Clinic.



Education- Saga HS provides a range of educational materials and press releases with information on the responsibilities of animal ownership, how to care for companion animals and the advantages of pet sterilization.  Community education is also accomplished through websites, social media, school visits and mobile clinics.

  •  William & Charlotte Parks Foundation Grant- was awarded for our public educational program. A portion will be used to make public service announcements on responsible pet ownership, SNIP for TV, radio and print media. The other portion will be used to fund an educational program in local school teaching children kindness and responsibility toward animals.


San Pedro Dog Control Orders- Saga HS, San Pedro Town Council and San Pedro Police Department worked together after complaints of dogs at large in public, defecating in the street and dog attacks to resolve the issues growing concerns due to uncontrolled dogs. The majority of offenders are owned animals that their owners allow on to the streets without a leash or supervision.  All three agencies came to an agreement in enforcing existing Belize Law Dog Act, through the San Pedro Dog Control Orders. These orders address which agency is responsible for each area a comprehensive dog management plans.

  • San Pedro Town Council– has the authority to license dogs, write tickets and assess fines to irresponsible dog owners for allowing their dogs to be at large in public without a leash, nuisance complaints, failure to pick up and barking complaints. This is all within their legal authority.  The enforcement will be rolled out in phases. Owners need to be made aware of their responsibility and potential fines under the law.
  • San Pedro Police Department- has the authority to take dog attack complaints, write tickets, assess fines, require owners to post warning signs or muzzle dog in public, and investigate vicious or savage dog reports for summery conviction, or to refer case to Magistrate for prosecution.
  • Saga Humane Society- has the authority to round up dogs at large that appear to be ownerless and without a collar for transport to the Saga HS shelter. A fine will be collected if dog is claimed by owner. Unclaimed healthy animals will be vaccinated sterilized and adopted. Saga HS investigates complaints of animal abuse and abandonment.



Dogs Rounded Up: 170 (-5%)

Dogs Returned to Owner: 32 (-4%)

Euthanasia round up: 101 dogs (+2%)

Surrender (owner left at Saga): 266 (-26%)

Euthanasia of surrenders: 178 (-27%)

Adopted into New Homes:  108 (-36%)

Spayed/Neutered: 639 (+42%)

Parasite treatments: 321 (+184%)

Vaccinated: 503 (+216%)

Treated Free of Charge: 335 (+150%)

Total Euthanasia: 279 (-19%)

Average Animals in Shelter: 42 (-12%)

Saga Humane Society was founded in 1999, primarily to monitor and control the cat and dog populations on Ambergris Caye. Through assisted cost spay/neuter and adoption, humane education program. Saga improves the general health and well being of the domestic and wild animals, as well as the humans of the island.

Our mission at Saga Humane Society, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, is to prevent cruelty and replace it with kindness to all animals. We seek to achieve our goals by providing medical care and shelter to animals in need and subsidizing veterinary care to low income families. This is accomplished through the operation of the island’s only non-profit veterinary clinic, conducting ongoing spay/neuter and vaccination campaigns, animal adoption and public education programs. Our vision is to build a permanent animal clinic/education center in Ambergris Caye, Belize and continue working toward a long term solution to end animal abuse, neglect and overpopulation.

The Saga Foundation Limited, d/b/a Saga Humane Society is a Belize registered NGO and is a 501 (c)(3) organization; our US Federal Tax ID number is 31-1814113.


These girls wanted to make sure their beloved dog was well taken care of, so they brought her to the SNIP-a-thon.

These girls wanted to make sure their beloved dog was well taken care of, so they brought her to the SNIP-a-thon.





Deciding to get a dog is a life changing decision for you and the dog and should never be taken lightly.  Dogs require at least a couple of hours of your time every day for feeding, grooming, exercise, training and play.  They need to be kept safely contained and on walks their poop picked up, bagged and placed in the garbage bin.  If you don’t have a fence, then your dogs should never be left unattended in your yard. Your dogs will be able to run away to poop in the street or in your neighbor’s yards, empty garbage bins making an unhealthy environment. They will learn bad habits like chasing children, bicycles or vehicles resulting in accidents or injuries.  Not only are you placing them in danger, but also could be causing nuisance problems in your community.  Unbelievably, some irresponsible dog owners blame vehicle drivers when their dog is hit by a car or cart, forgetting that it is their responsibility to keep their dog safe and off the streets. 

All dogs need a mental and physical outlet.  If dogs are not given enough physical and mental exercise they can develop behavior problems such as barking, chasing and aggression.  It is never acceptable to allow your dog to exercise itself.  Your dog is your responsibility, which means that whenever it is not contained on your property, it should be on a leash and under your immediate control. Otherwise, you are making your dog everyone else’s problem.  Even worse are those who leave the care of the dog to their children.  Children should never be left unsupervised with any dog, for any length of time, for any reason.  Almost all serious injuries caused to children by dogs happen when they are unsupervised.

Ididn'tdothis copy

When thinking about getting a dog it is important to choose a dog based on temperament and personality to make sure that it fits in with your lifestyle.  Saga Humane Society always has plenty of ‘pretty’ dogs that people purchased on impulse without knowing anything about the breed and then couldn’t look after them.  When you commit to a dog you are committing for the rest of its life, 10-15 years.  That means that whatever your circumstances are and even if they change, your dog is still your responsibility.  So, even if you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for your dog, it is up to you to make sure you find it a new loving permanent home.  So many people get dogs and then thoughtlessly abandon them or force them upon friends and family members when they are no longer convenient, or even worse, abandon them when they move. Surrendering them to Saga HS is not the answer either. In the past two years 625 animals were given up by their owners to Saga HS and only 276 were adopted into new homes.

anotherday copy

Good and responsible dog owners make sure their dogs are healthy, up to date on their vaccinations, wormed regularly and given heartworm prevention medicine monthly.  Even more importantly, they have their dog neutered or spayed so as not to add to the problem of dog overpopulation that we already have on Ambergris Caye.  Every year Saga Humane Society rounds up, cares for and humanely euthanases hundreds of animals because of the irresponsible acts of those who refuse to have their animals neutered or spayed.  Saga Humane Society is a not for profit that solely exists through fundraising and donations, it receives no money from government for its service to the community.

theysaid copy

If you want to be a dog owner, be one to be proud of by being responsible by walking your dog on leash when off your property, Scoop that Poop and spay or neuter your dog.  Show that not only do you care about your dog but that you care about your neighbours and La Isla Bonita.


Happy Tails are wagging for Lexi-Loo, she took the Potlicker Express to Canada! Thank you Dallas Lane for adopting a 100% Belizean Potlicker from Saga Humane Society.
“Lexi-Loo on her way to Canada! Thanks Saga for helping me take home this little gem! She is enjoying her new mountain life!”

Lexi-Loo taking the Potlicker Express to Canada!

Lexi-Loo taking the Potlicker Express to Canada!


Saga Humane Society would like to give our sincere Thanks to all of our supporters in the San Pedro Town community for helping to make our 10th Annual Halloween Party a fantastic success.  Thank you for your hospitality to our gracious hostess Charlene Woods and the amazing staff at BC’s Beach Bar. The beach was alive with the dynamic sounds of Valentino, aroma of delicious food and the sounds of giggling children.  It was a great day, despite the downpour and hurricane winds that blew the tents down.  Eventually the rain stopped, the sun came out and everyone had a howling good time. Our honored judges this year were Tamara Sniffin, Jan Brown, and Allen Soto.  They had a hard time deciding on the winners of the various Costume Contests. After much discussion the winners were announced. There was a tie for Cutest!

1st Cutest                                  Yankee as Pupcake                    Tula

1st Cutest                                  Bella as a Witch                         David and Benjamin

2nd Cutest                                  Pumpkin Princess                      Elsa

Scariest                                     Voshi as Zombie Dog               Siomarie

Best Team                                 Monsterish Dogs                      Monster High


Thank you to San Pedro Town Council for the use, delivery, setup of tables and tents.  The business community of San Pedro was very generous in their donations for our raffles, food and Silent Auction.  We would like to give our Thanks to our local business community who helped sponsor this event and helped make these events such a success. It is with their support and donations that enable us to continue providing services to our community. Please support those businesses that support their community. Please accept our humble gratitude.

DandE’s Frozen Custard & Sorbet Gift certificate

Pepperoni’s 16 in pizza-any kind

Licks Breakfast for 2

Spice It Up – Dinner for 2

Estels Breakfast or BBQ for 2

War Paint Gift Basket

Wet Willy’s Gift certificate

Wayo’s Gift certificate

Crazy Canucks Gift certificate

AJ’s Gift certificate

Castillo’s Hardware Gift certificate

Beauty Basket from Sandy

MELT Gift certificate

BOAZ 24 hr cart rental

Leslies Salon Free Hair Cut

ABC  Lunch

Mata Rocks Gift certificate

Picasso Spirits- Kahlua and Red Devil

Caliente’s Gift certificate

Red Ginger Gift certificate

DigiCell Phone cards

Zen Arcade– one free week of Yoga

Pet Master –Pet food and dishes

X-Treem Geeks Gift certificate

$200 Anonymous

$100 Anonymous

La Familia Tortillas

Three Brothers Store

Almaza Store

Dalia’s Store

One Stop Store

Big Tree Fruits & Vegetables

Quality Poultry

The Greenhouse

7-Eleven Store

Mark’s Store

Marina’s Supermarket

Lino’s Meat Shop

The Local Store

Caye Mart

Ritchie’s Supermarket

Lisa & Anthony Anderson

San Pedrano Store

El Dorado Store

Paradise Market

Maria’s Fruit Market

Wine de Vine

LC Distributors

Super Buy

La Divina Providencia

San Pedro Sun

Sunbreeze Suites 1 night double occupancy

Sunbreeze Hotel 1 night double occupancy

Captain Sharks Okuma Adult Rod and Reel & “Cars” Kid’s Tacklebox

Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop Snorkeling trip for 2

Scuba School Belize Snorkeling for 2 or One-Tank Dive or Resort Course

Mystical Adventures Half day Snorkeling for 2

Tanisha Tours Lamanai Ruins tour for 2

Searious Adventure Cave Tubing & Zip Line tour for 2

Mambo Chill Boutique Gift certificate

Go Fish Belize 1 hr. Fly Fishing lesson plus T-shirt and hat

Seaduced by Belize Trip to Cave Tubing & Xunantunich Mayan Ruins for 2

Conch Creative – Photo Session with 5 digitally enhanced photos + 1 ‘super’ enhanced art piece style portrait.

Tropic Air R/T Airline Ticket to Belize City Municipal

Victoria House  Dinner for 2

Blue Water Grill Gift certificate

A very special Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible. Our staff, board and local volunteers are truly the finest. They worked hard, helped enormously and we are fortunate to have such committed supporters. We couldn’t have done it without great cook Carolina Zapata. It’s through determination like theirs that we are able to help our island animals. Thank you all.

Kathy Marin                              Rebecca Coutant

Ingrid Lima                               Eileen Jamison

Renee Steinmetz                     Jackie Cervoni

Faride Salinas                          Iliana Paj

Sharon Metcalfe                      Ashley Goehmann

Allen Soto                                 Minor Perez

Pampered Paws staff

Through the generosity of all the people and businesses listed above, and also of the people of San Pedro Town who attended this event, Saga will be able to continue offering services to our community through Operation SNIP. The goal of Operation SNIP is to sterilize 75% of the island animals in 3-5 years.  This will STABILIZE the pet population. In doing so, virtually NO PETS will be strays, wandering and breeding freely. No animals will be born that will not have Forever homes.

Saga Humane Society


Happy Tails for Snowy she got her green card! Thank you Sybil Ledet Harrison for adopting a wonderful potlicker. Give her a good belly rub for us.
Wag Wag Wiggle.

Snowy.. One lucky potlicker.. Loving her wicker chair and being a Florida girl! Thanks for letting us adopt her!

Snowy.. One lucky potlicker.. Loving her wicker chair and being a Florida girl! Thanks for letting us adopt her!


I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed, and looking for that special someone.

Would you be my Prince?

Princess 226-3266

Princess 226-3266

Princess 226-3266