Meet the Saga Humane Society Staff Members

Ingrid Lima, Saga Humane Society Shelter and Clinic Manager

Ingrid began her involvement with Saga Humane Society as a volunteer for Saga’s first veterinarian, Dr. Bron Eastwood, in 2001.  She worked with other volunteers to round up stray dogs for spay/neuter surgery in the wee hours of the morning.  Ingrid later quit her full time job as a pastry chef, and has worked for Saga ever since. She has assisted all of Saga’s veterinarians over the years.  Dr. Sheila Schmeling taught Ingrid how to care for the sick animals of San Pedro the six days a week that Dr. Sheila was not here.  At that time, Saga HS only had a veterinarian on Fridays.

Now, Ingrid serves as: clinic manager, shelter manager, veterinary technician, receptionist, and dog catcher!  She is Saga Humane Society’s most knowledgeable member.  If you ever have a question about Saga HS, she is the person to ask!  We are ever so fortunate for her continued service, and Saga HS would find it very difficult to maintain its high quality of work without her.





Noami Castro, Shelter Assistant

Noami has been with Saga since 2004. She resides in San Pedro with her family and many pets. You may see her out rescuing injured and sick animals with Ingrid or taking care of the many shelter animals that she sees on a daily basis. Naomi’s dedication and teamwork is a tremendous asset to the clinic staff and is a vital part of the Saga HS team.






Ernie, Shelter Assistant