Saga Humane Society Veterinary Clinic Services

Saga Humane Society operates the only non- profit veterinary clinic on the island of Ambergris Caye.  It is a full-service hospital in only two rooms, with a part-time veterinarian on site.  Pet owners can make appointments for wellness care such as spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations, as well as treatment for illnesses or injuries.  Pets are also seen routinely on a walk-in basis, especially in cases of emergency.

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of medical care that we are able to offer.  At this time our only laboratory equipment consists of a microscope and a centrifuge.  Blood samples can be further analyzed by the human San Pedro Lab, and x-rays can be performed at Dr. Teresa’s Los Pinos Clinic with the assistance of Saga’s veterinarian.  We have an in-house pharmacy that for the most part is able to keep all the most important veterinary medications in stock, thanks in a large part to the generosity of volunteers, residents, and visitors.  Oxygen, IV fluids, and emergency drugs are available for critical cases.

If you are planning a trip to San Pedro and want to help please let us know.  We will tell you what our most urgent needs are at that time as these are always changing.  Currently, we are raising money for protective x-ray gowns, an IV pump, and an anesthesia machine.  Purchasing anesthesia monitors and an otoscope/ophthalmoscope set will be goals in the near future as well.

Saga’s veterinary clinic offers care at very affordable prices, and no animal is ever turned away due to the owner’s inability to pay.  The clinic also treats healthy and sick animals from the animal shelter.  All are dewormed and  vaccinated on entry, then treated for heartworm, fleas and ticks monthly.  Sick animals from the shelter are treated whenever possible, and only euthanized as a last resort.

Our Clinic hours are:
Tuesday through Friday:  9am to 12pm,  1pm to 4pm

Saturday 9am to 12pm

Sunday and Monday:  CLOSED

Appointments are preferred.  Please call 226-3266.


DR. Visit =consultation        $25.00

Dog castration $75.00

Cat castration $50.00

Dog Spay       $100.00 less than 1 year old

Cat spay        $75.00

Female over 1 year   $150.00

Dewormer  6 weeks old    $5.00

Dewormer 2 month +  $10.00

Tick/flea treatment   2 month   $10.00

Vaccination DHLPPv    $30.00

Vaccination Rabies 1 year   $10.00

Vaccination Rabies 3 yrs   $30.00

Fecac vaccination   $30.00

FeLeuk Vaccination   $50.00