Help Saga Humane Society keep San Pedro a safe place for people and pets by bringing in unwanted or stray animals!

It is a sad fact of life that not all pets have loving owners who can care for them properly. Some have never had a home, some owners undergo changed living circumstances that make keeping the pet impossible, and there are many puppies born without proper consideration of who will be their life companion.

If you find yourself unable to adequately take care of your pet, if your pet has a litter you can’t find homes for, or if you find a stray animal, please let Saga Humane Society help!

Saga Humane Society offers a compassionate and understanding environment where “homeless” animals will be given training, medical treatment and behaviour modification as needed to ensure they will be healthy and capable companions, and will find them loving new homes.

Remember though that if you find an animal you really like, you don’t have to surrender it! You can bring it to Saga Humane Society where we will give shots, have it neutered, and evaluate its health. You can then apply to adopt your chosen friend at low or no cost!

To surrender an animal to Saga Humane Society, you will be asked to fill out a short form with just a few simple questions: where was it found, in what condition was it found and reason for surrender. These questions will help us “keep a handle” on the stray animal population and perhaps find litter mates who also need homes.

On a less happy note: if you know of a vicious or aggressive dog or cat and can catch that animal, you can take it to Saga where it will be further evaluated, its history determined and a decision made whether to rehabilitate the animal or euthanize it. Please report all dog and cat bites to Saga Humane Society promptly so we can speak to the owners and/or make the same decision.