Adopting a pet from Saga is easier than you may think! If your ready to adopt a new pet, read about our adoption process and check out our healthy and happy animals that are ready to be apart of your family!


DOGS 50.00blz

CATS 35.00blz

Includes 1st vaccination and free consultations for adopted pet.

The Adoption Process

First there is a pre-adoption interview where the following information is required:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Contact information including home/work phone and email where applicable
  • Whether you rent or own your residence
  • If renting: You must provide the phone number of the landlord or land owner and a letter indicating that animals are allowed on rented property
  • Is the property fenced?
  • If property is not fenced, how is the animal to be maintained?
  • If the animal is to be tied up, how much time per day do the family plan to leave him/her tied?
  • How many hours a day will the animal be left unattended (for example, how many hours is the home empty due to work/school schedules)
  • What other pets are in the home, and are they are up to date on vaccinations and worm medicines – if not, for what reason.
  • Contact information of veterinarian responsible for vaccines/treatments if other than Saga Humane Society
  • Reason for requesting a pet
  • How many children in the home and their ages
  • A health record of any existing pets at your home at this time

A home visit may be conducted to verify information. The following day, a follow up interview is performed and the following agreements must be signed by the new family:

  • To provide monthly heartworm protection (Saga Humane Society provides low cost heartworm prevention medicine)
  • To provide monthly flea and tick prevention
  • To return to Saga if they can no longer take care of the animal or for any health problems
  • To return to Saga or local veterinarian (where applicable) for all follow up vaccines

There is a $35.00 BZ adoption fee for cats and a $50.00 adoption fee for dogs. The adoption fee covers spay/neuter vaccines and heartworm and flea/tick prevention to date. If the adoption fee is paid and a follow up vaccine is required within the next month, the adoption fee also covers the follow up vaccine. If the adoption fee is not paid at the time of adoption, and follow up (booster) vaccine is needed, that cost will then be covered by the new owner.

Whenever possible a follow up visit is done within one month of adoption to secure that all requirements are being met. Owners are contacted and alerted when follow up vaccines are required.