SAGA Valentine’s Fundraiser at Captain’s Casino


‘Fur-ever Love’ was flying through the air on Valentine’s night at Captain’s Casino!  All the ladies were treated to a glass of champagne and a rose from our hosts, Karen Riley and Ernie Olmstead, the gracious owners and directors of Captain Morgan’s Resort and the Captain’s Casino.

Saga Humane Society is very happy to report that just over $3,000BZ was raised from the event.

Saga H.S. would like to send heartfelt Thanks to Karen and Ernie for extending Saga the stupendous generosity that made this benefit event possible, including all the items donated by the Resort for raffle prizes that made the night great fun for our guests!  A big “Thank You” also goes out to the wonderful staff at the Resort and Casino that were simply stellar in their service and hospitality; they are outstanding!

Saga HS would also like to thank Jose Luis and Perlita Zapata of Jose Luis Zapata Photography for capturing the evening’s couples and the event; Ambergris Brewing Company, Premium Wines & Liquors, Wine De Vine, Bruce Pickering, and Coleen Creeden for their contributions and donations to the Raffle Prizes, and to Gecko Graphics, San Pedro Sun and Quicksilver for contributions to the event’s marketing efforts, Thank You!

The big winner of the night’s raffles was Jack Brown who won the Raffle Grand Prize “Lovers’ Basket of Goodies,” which was filled with Italian red wine, Tia Maria liqueur, Ambergris Brewing Co. fresh roasted coffee & Kakaw dark chocolate.

Thanks also to the many individuals who donated to Saga above and beyond the entry fee for the night, especially Deborah Valentine, Gene Wells and Janet Wells for their generous $300BZ donation.

Thank you too to the folks working as a Saga volunteer for the night, and finally, a very special Thank You for each and every person who came out and enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s evening at this Captain’s Casino benefit event.  Saga Humane Society appreciates your continued support!

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