Cook Off Appetizers Thank You

SAGA Humane Society would like to give a big Thank You to Brandy Deangelo and the entire staff of Luna Loca for hosting our Cook Off Appetizers January 22.    There was an air of cheerful enthusiasm as the Chef’s began to arrive with their delicious entries. It was a sellout crowd who were ready to eat and kept our raffle tickets sales busy. A new option was added, VIP tables for six that could be reserved in advance. These sold quickly to Saga HS supporters Wolfgang Wind and Cara Bray to enjoy. Thank you to everyone who attended to help support Operation SNIP. It was a pleasurable night for all.

After the votes were tallied the winner was Tostones (plantain chips with ranch chicken salad) made by Letty Hernandez. 2nd Place went to host Luna Loca with Monte Cristo Bites.  3rd Place was Feliz Bar’s with Pepperoni Pretzel Pockets.  The other fine appetizers were: Stuffed Chicken bacon tomatoes- Carolina Zapata, Fruity Chicken Salad wraps -Renee Steinmetz, Jalapeno Bread with sausage- Carolina Zapata. We are grateful to the Chef’s for their delicious entries, creativity and for their support.

We had some first-rate raffle prizes, Mata Rocks gift certificate, Castillo’s Hardware gift certificate, and a beautiful necklace. We value the charitable support from our local business community through their donations.

Such events would not be possible if not for the hard work of our volunteers. Thank you for your dedication; Rene Steinmetz, Iliana Paj, Heather Smith, Janina Canales, Letty Hernandez, Jacqueline Cervoni, Kathy Marin, Alice Corrigan and Faith Noel.

Saga Humane Society would like to thank everyone for their continued support.


Luna Loca knows It’s Hip to SNIP!

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