Saga Cook-off May 2011 Appetizers Thanks

Saga Cook-off May 2011 Appetizers results and Thanks

Saga Humane Society says Thank You!

Saga Humane Society would like to thank everyone for their generous support with our monthly cook-off which was held on May 18th at the Tackle Box Bar & Grill. We raised over $1,000  BZ through tickets, donations and raffle ticket sales.

We want to thank those who entered their Appetizers dishes. We had 14 entries this month, so we recognized the top 5 entries.  First place went to Sharon “Sushi” Metcalf with her Pork Dumplings.  Second place went to Letti Hernandez (Sponsorship by Kate Vincent) for her Chicken Quesadilla w/Mango Sauce.  Third place was Blackened Scallops made by Jimmy & Crystal Dean.  Fourth place was Seafood Cakes by Sharon ‘Sushi’ Metcalfe.  Fifth place was Pork Rolls with Hoisin Sauce made by Laura Sutton.   The other entries were: Garlic Cheese Log- Coleen Creeden, Peanut Butter Wings- Ingrid Lima, Chicken/Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos- George Seikert, Deviled Eggs- Tackle Box, Spicy cheese Stuffed jalapenos- Kevin – Tackle Box, Zucchini Cheesy/Garlic Appetizer- Rene Steinmetz, Candied Apple Blossoms- Sharon ‘Sushi’ Metcalfe,  Veggie/Onion Dip-   Ari Trejo, Toucan Crackers with Herbed Cream Cheese- Nancy Adams.  Congratulations to the winners and all our entries. A very special Thank you to Brani the Mermaid for lending her talents to the event.

There were three raffles for the night. The first raffle went to Dave Dalling- Lunch for (2) ($75.00) – Tackle Box.  The second raffle went to Zach (a.k.a. Henry Zacharis)- (3) Custom Prints – Matted & Framed.  The third raffle was a Limited Edition Tackle Box Polo Shirt for   Terry Warner.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters! We cannot do it without your support.

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