Saga’s statistics for 2012

Saga’s statistics for 2012 are as follows – these show that the animals allowed to breed freely in
private homes are a significant part of the problem of animal over population. People are letting
their animals have puppies and kittens. When they cannot or do not want to care for them, they
surrender them to Saga HS or let them out into the street.

Dogs Rounded Up :180
Dogs Returned to Owner: 33 (after payment of a fine)
Surrender (owner left at Saga): 359 Dogs and Cats
Euthanized: 346 Dogs and Cats, 99 were dogs from rounds ups
Adopted Out into New Homes: 168 Dogs and Cats
Spayed/Neutered: 451 Dogs and Cats
Vaccinated: 159 Dogs and Cats
Treated Free of Charge: 134 Dogs and Cats

Unwanted animals

Unwanted animals



  1. Jennifer Ward on

    Hi!! Love, Love, Love what you do. I am here visiting in San Pedro and find it difficult to see all the dogs roaming, many hungry (in San Ignacio), so unhealthy. When I was in San Pedro last night some locals told me about your facility. I will try to stop by this morning but if unable will plan to send a donation after I get back to California. Neuter, Spay every pet on this island a great start!!!!!

  2. Thanks for finding Saga HS while you stayed in San Pedro. Yes there are challenges with unhealthy animals and over population, but we are working hard to solve them. Did you get a chance to read about Operation SNIP (Spay/Neuter Initiative Program) ? Our goal is to have 75% of the island pets sterilized in 3-5 years. This should help reduce the population of unhealthy, unwanted animals.
    It’s Hip to SNIP!