La Reina de la Costa Maya Thanks

 SAGA Humane Society would like to give our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone involved who supported our fund raising efforts during La Reina de la Costa Maya.  During the successful festivities SAGA hosted “Ladies and The Champ” at Captain’s Casino, “La Reina de la Costa Maya Reserved Tables” and a booth at the block party in Central Park. We were able to do this with the wonderful support of Marisa Salazar, Gach Guerrero and the entire Costa Maya Committee.  We were honored to be able to be a part of assisting such a prestigious event.

SAGA would like to give a special recognition to the people who contributed their time or talents in these events.  With your ongoing assistance SAGA will be able to support Shelter Animals until they find Forever Homes.

Ernest Olmstead                         Karen Riley

Greg Cobb                     Badih “Bob” Bounahra

Captain’s Casino & Captain Morgan’s Staff

2011 Costa Maya Queens

Caco Trejo                                  Sarah Karpati                       Allen Soto                      David Bellini                            Patrick Palma

Cindy Carlson                           Avarel Blair                         Noemi Caballero           Hector, Cierra, Arlethe

Rosa LaRosa                            Michele Colbert                  Marina’s Store                 Sergio at Mousepad              Milo’s Ice

Lori Purdy                              Ari Trejo                                  Katia Marin                      Grant Crimmins                     Ingrid Lima

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