HOWL – oween with SAGA!

SAGA Humane Society brought much fun, a little bit of spookiness and lots of enjoyment to the San Pedro community for the 8th year running with their Halloween Party in Central Park on Sunday the 30th.

Puppies, kittens and even ferrets brought along their human friends for a day full of great activities and Halloween treats.  When children arrived and registered they received a free bag of goodies. Then, fuelled on sugar, they spent the rest of the afternoon playing organised games on the beach.

But of course the SAGA Halloween party is known for one thing and that is the highlight of the day – the costume competitions!  This year, some very important VIP judges selected the winners.  The judges are all competing mayoral candidates, but they know a good cause when they see one.  It was a day for potlickers – not politics.  Melanie Paz, Concha Flota and Daniel Guerrero scrutinised every entrant carefully and these were the results:

The Scariest Costume Winner was Hefa the Witch, a dog owned by Melanie Halliday.   The Funniest Costume went to Kilo the Beach Babe, a dog owned by Jennifer Ingvoldstad. The dog who won with the Cutest Costume was Ginger the Hot Dog, owned by Tiana.  The Best Couple were two adorable dogs named Juicy and Paris owned by Shelly Del Valle.  The Grand Champion was surprisingly, not a dog but a ferret named Luna.  She was dressed as a ‘Rebel Fairy’ and is owned by Rochelle Hancock. With nearly 40 entries in the costume competition, it was a really tough decision, so the VIP judges were hugely appreciated by both SAGA Humane Society and all of the participants.

SAGA depends on fundraisers such as their Annual Halloween Party so that they can provide care for so many abused and neglected animals in San Pedro.  They are delighted that the amount raised – before the outcome of their Silent Auction, was $3600.

The Silent Auction, which has some fantastic prizes – some with a value of $1000 – continues throughout the week.  Bidding will end at 5pm on the 4th of November.  If you’d like to bid, bids can be placed at the Saga Clinic during business hours or online at the Saga Humane Society Facebook page.  Alternatively, just to onto the Ambergris message board and place your bid there. Daily bids will be updated on each site by 5pm that day. Winners will be notified after bidding ends.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support SAGA Humane Society 226 2366.  San Pedro needs SAGA and SAGA needs YOU.


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