Surgery-DSC_4127-cropped-webOperation Snip

Operation SNIP, the Saga Five Year Plan: The Solution to the Pet over Population Problem on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The average potlicker is a free agent whether a street or community dog. He or she does not really belong to anyone in particular but rather is part of the fabric of our community. If you’re an average potlicker on Ambergris Caye, it most often means that no person accepts individual responsibility for you but everyone agrees you live in the neighborhood. Potlickers have distinct territories and rely on specific food sources. Calling most potlickers stray is like calling gypsies homeless.

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Prepping-for-Surgery-DSC_4225-cropped-webSPAY/NEUTER CAMPAIGN

Do the right thing for your community, for you and for your dog!

There are far too many dogs in Belize that are not being cared for. If you are reading this, you obviously care about your dog and your community. Dogs are domestic animals — they depend on humans to care of them. When anyone decides to keep a dog they are promising to care for the dog properly, and to not allow the dog to become a nuisance.

In return, dogs guard our property, protect and play with our children and are loyal companions. Right now, in Belize, neutering and spaying is the most important thing any dog owner can do for their dog and their community, but some owners are worried. They hear stories that stop them from doing the right thing. This article has information about spaying and neutering so that you can make the best decision.

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The-Fort-DSC_4575-cropped-webFort Dog

After much work and dedication, a shelter was built on land purchased by the Humane Society, and lovingly called: “Fort Dog”. Fort Dog houses lost, unwanted, and homeless dogs and puppies who receive treatment and loving care until they are found an adoptive family. Fort Dog, in its current state, houses up to 40 animals at any given time. The Saga Humane Society Veterinary Clinic on Sea Star Street houses the Saga cattery where there are always plenty of kittens and cats looking for a loving home.