Hola!  My name is Chance. I am six months old and was brought to Saga by my owner who could no longer take care of me.  I’m so thankful to be here and I know someone out there will not be able to resist my beautiful blue eyes and will take me home with them soon.   Please come see me and all my friends at the Saga Humane Society today!


  1. Surendra Kumar on

    Just saw a copy of letter written by the board of SAGA refusing to accept a very generous offer from Dr. Droke in town to help with The Spey and neuter program. It is a shame to allow politics to come in the way of a good offer. I believe more people like me will speak up in other forums suggesting that SAGA reconsider this issue.

  2. Is Chance a male or female,and is he/she still available,also a more recent pic would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you….

  3. Please call Ingrid at the Clinic (226-3266). She can give you an update on what happened with Chance. I think he was adopted, but she would know for sure. Thanks for thinking of him! You can also check out the current cats and kittens available for adoption by clicking here. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your concern, Surendra. Saga HS did not refuse any offer of assistance with spays and neuters but rather responded concerning the logistics of the offer (in other words, how the animals would be managed between the two clinics during the process). There seems to be a misunderstanding about that. Several animals have already been fixed through this program, and Saga does appreciate the gesture!