Report an Aggressive Dog

Please report all animal bites to Saga and the Police!

Please call Saga at 226-3266 or San Pedro Police Department 226-2926

It is very important that we know the location of aggressive animals so we can contact the owners to educate them, or pick the animal up and evaluate it in the case of strays or wild animals.

In the case of multiple reports of aggressive behaviour by a pet, we will work with the police to ensure the animal is properly confined to prevent further injury to people, other animals or property.  Is is against to Laws of Belize to have an aggressive animal.

Aggressive animals, especially dogs,  often band together in packs and become even more aggressive, posing a risk to humans and animals alike, so it is vitally important you help us control them by reporting their location.  If at all possible take photographs and video of the dogs during the acts of aggression as proof of your claim.

If you are bitten by an animal, try to catch it and bring it to Saga, without endangering yourself, of course!  Enlist the aid of other people, try to find the owner, or call the police or Saga for help. The animal can then be tested for communicable diseases and put into quarantine as necessary.

Animal bites are very serious wounds and can infect easily, posing potentially grave health risks to humans and animals, so it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to report all animal bites promptly!

Please download a copy of this SAGA Citizen Incident Report – MASTER to report aggressive animals to Saga and the San Pedro Police.