Before you visit San Pedro, visit Saga Humane Society Wish List at Amazon.com.  There you will find listed common items that are easily packed in your luggage.  All items donated go to support Shelter Animals until they find their Forever Homes and USA tax deducible.

* Items listed in bold blue type are urgently needed!


* doxycycline
* ketoconazole
* otomax

* ophthalmics – BNP, Neo-Poly-Dex

* Baytril/enrofloxacin tablets & injectable
* Clavamox
* Clindamycin
* Metacam or * Rimadyl injectable
* Metacam liquid
* Vitamin K capsules & injectable
* Albon
* Primor/Trimethoprim-sulfa

* Ivermectin
* Heartguard
* Praziquantal/Droncit
* Benadryl/diphenhydramine
* Ear medications, ear oitnment (Otibiotic)
* Lasix/furosemide
* Enalapril
* Telazol 

* PLEASE NOTE: we are required to obtain an import permit for donations of medications brought from abroad, so please contact us at saga@btl.net at least SIX WEEKS prior to your travel date to coordinate so we can obtain this permit for you. If the medication you want to donate does not appear on the list above, please contact the clinic at sagarescue@gmail.com to find out if we can use it.  Thank you for your support!


  • IDEXX VetLyte Electrolyte Analyzer (new or good used condition)


          • Suture – 2-0 or 3-0 PDS or Monocryl w/ cutting needle –these sizes ONLY pls
          • Surgical instrument cleaner and lubricant
          • Surgical instrument marking tape or rings
          • Sterile surgical gloves size 6 1/2 and 7 
          • Laryngoscope and cuffed animal endotracheal tubes
          • instrument stands
          • wire twister/shear cutter
          • wire passer
          • bone saw
          • femoral head disarticulator
          • taylor hammer
          • aspiration suction unit
          • orthopedic power drill set
          • resuscitation bag
          • canine muscular anatomy chart( A)
          • canine skeletal Anatomy chart( B)
          • canine internal anatomy chart( C)
          • feline skeleton anaomy chart( D)
          • face shield (2)
          • Surgical blades #15
          • Ciprofalexin tablets
          • Plaster cast material
          • Fludro Cortisone tablets
          • Micronazole Spray
          • Gauze
          • Surgical Glue
          • Metacam for CATS
        • SHELTER:
  • stainless steel food and water bowls
  • collars **
  • leashes **
  • cat and dog toys and treats
  • dog beds
  • blankets
  • towels
  • flea control products

** CHECK OUT Paws-Claws Reflective Dog Collars & Leashes, $72 for box of 72 on DollarTree.com!


  • Ink for printer:
    HP 21 black, HP 22 tri-color – printer is a deskjet D1360
  • Supplies for Fundraising:
    Colored Markers – all colors & different point sizes, Paint Brushes – different sizes, Artist Paints, Rubber Stamps & Ink Pads.