Paula and Salty

Paula and Salty

Paula adopted Salty from Saga in 2011.  Here is their story in Paula’s own words:

“JessieFaye and I had been in San Pedro for four months when we moved into an apartment down the road from SAGA. JessieFaye is my therapy dog and traveled to Belize with me in October last year. We were quite content with just the two of us on the island until we realized it wasn’t just the two of us … we had unwelcome guests in our home and lots of them!  Rats. Due to people starting to dump at the end of our road, they were coming in, and I could even hear them tip-tip-tipping upstairs at night. Not cool. I’d already thought about adopting a kitty so it was no surprise when I ended up at SAGA on a Friday afternoon to pick out a ‘rat hunter’. I’ve always been partial to orange and white cats and that was my only requirement. There were a lot of adorable baby kittens but I thought, “Hmmmm …. Wonder how big those rats are?” So a cage of older kittens, about 6 months old it looked like, caught my eye. In the batch was one orange and white one. So that was that. I signed the paperwork, paid my adoption fee, and borrowed a cat-carrier to get him home.

JessieFaye and Salty were immediate friends!  And all was well until bedtime.  He apparently missed his litter mates back at Saga and cried for them on and off.  My friends told me to be patient, and he finally wore himself out on Sunday!  He was fine from there on out — until JF and I would leave to go somewhere.  He’d climb to the second floor window and holler!  The neighbors would say, “Your baby is crying for you … “, and we’d all laugh.

JessieFaye and Salty

Shortly after adopting “Salty”, as my grandson named him, I had to return home to the US unexpectedly. Of course Salty would return to Alabama with JessieFaye and me.  We’ve been back since April and since then, Salty has become my mother’s ‘therapy cat’.  When he’s inside, he rarely leaves her side, following her from room to room like a dog.  When he’s outside, he basks in the southern sunshine and now chases squirrels and hunts various other vermin. He brings me ‘surprises’ from time to time.

Salty the Hunter

I love my island cat and I’m grateful to SAGA for the wonderful work they do in San Pedro. Salty and my Mama are a match made in Heaven!”

Salty with Paula’s mother


  1. Paula Segrest on

    I love my Salty! Thanks, SAGA, for letting me share our story. Thank you, Emily, for having the idea and asking me to write for the website. If I ever return to Belize (and I plan to) I’ll HAVE to adopt another cat, because my Momma would neeeeeever let him go anywhere. He is home for good and an official southern cat now!

  2. Thanks again for sharing your story, Paula. Everyone at Saga LOVES to hear about happy endings!