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Happy Tails are wagging for Lexi-Loo, she took the Potlicker Express to Canada! Thank you Dallas Lane for adopting a 100% Belizean Potlicker from Saga Humane Society.
“Lexi-Loo on her way to Canada! Thanks Saga for helping me take home this little gem! She is enjoying her new mountain life!”

Lexi-Loo taking the Potlicker Express to Canada!

Lexi-Loo taking the Potlicker Express to Canada!


Happy Tails for Snowy she got her green card! Thank you Sybil Ledet Harrison for adopting a wonderful potlicker. Give her a good belly rub for us.
Wag Wag Wiggle.

Snowy.. One lucky potlicker.. Loving her wicker chair and being a Florida girl! Thanks for letting us adopt her!

Snowy.. One lucky potlicker.. Loving her wicker chair and being a Florida girl! Thanks for letting us adopt her!

Happy Tails are wagging for Peanut, she found her Furever Home yesterday!! She will make her new family very happy, as she left a trail of broken hearts at Saga Humane Society.
Thank you Ms. Jacqueline Cervoni for taking these wonderful pictures of animals available for adoption and making a difference in their lives.
Wag Wag Wiggle for Peanuts!
Well it is a sad day for me but a happy day for Peanut. My little rescue dog whom I became so wonderfully attached to as a new home.........she was adopted yesterday - I will miss her very much and shed a few tears.

Well it is a sad day for me but a happy day for Peanut. My little rescue dog whom I became so wonderfully attached to as a new home………she was adopted yesterday – I will miss her very much and shed a few tears.



Ambergris Caye Marine Turtle Program and Hol Chan Marine Reserve has a program to care for sick, weak, and injured sea turtles. HCMR has been taking care of a juvenile hawksbill that was found near shore. The turtle clearly had an issue with its flipper. The front left flipper was either broken or it was born with a defect. As the turtle grew so did flipper creating a drag. In order to increase its chances of survival in the wild, after consulting with Dr. Paul Calle, veterinarian with the Wildlife Conservation Society the flipper was amputated. Dr. Calle along with local vet Dr. Orlando Baptist of Saga Humane Society Carried out the procedure. This procedure was very necessary because as the turtle grew the flipper was also growing creating a drag.


Mandy adopted Marcus from Saga in March of 2012, and he now lives in Canada with her and her family.  In Mandy’s own words:

“Marcus came to us at a time when I was resistant to letting another pet into my heart as I was still grieving the loss of our beloved Dogue de Bordeaux 2 yrs after she passed!  When our property manager in San Pedro advised me to get a ‘yard’ dog for added security, the kids convinced me that it was time to move on so we visited the dogs over at [Fort Dog]….we walked a few different dogs and although Fiona stole our hearts, she wasn’t suitable for protection as well as companionship so we went with Marcus who quickly found his own place in our hearts, our life and our family bed!  He has proven to be a very loyal, loving and protective companion for all of us and as you know, our family would not be complete without him.

I would like to express sincere gratitude to Saga and the volunteers who give up their own time to help connect these lovable little guys with forever homes!

(Marcus starts obedience training today; I will send you a pic when he graduates!)

Marcus arrives in Canada

Marcus going to his new home

Merry Christmas Marcus!


Two years ago, “Peppito” arrived from SAGA to us in the city, and our lives were never the same again. My twins learnt the true meaning of love and caring for a pet, and he is such a smart, special, beautiful little dog. Rescue Dogs are the best… they are loyal and possess an intelligence that’s just amazing. Adopt an animal from a shelter… you’ll never regret it!

Peppito and Family


Paula and Salty

Paula adopted Salty from Saga in 2011.  Here is their story in Paula’s own words:

“JessieFaye and I had been in San Pedro for four months when we moved into an apartment down the road from SAGA. JessieFaye is my therapy dog and traveled to Belize with me in October last year. We were quite content with just the two of us on the island until we realized it wasn’t just the two of us … we had unwelcome guests in our home and lots of them!  Rats. Due to people starting to dump at the end of our road, they were coming in, and I could even hear them tip-tip-tipping upstairs at night. Not cool. I’d already thought about adopting a kitty so it was no surprise when I ended up at SAGA on a Friday afternoon to pick out a ‘rat hunter’. I’ve always been partial to orange and white cats and that was my only requirement. There were a lot of adorable baby kittens but I thought, “Hmmmm …. Wonder how big those rats are?” So a cage of older kittens, about 6 months old it looked like, caught my eye. In the batch was one orange and white one. So that was that. I signed the paperwork, paid my adoption fee, and borrowed a cat-carrier to get him home.

JessieFaye and Salty were immediate friends!  And all was well until bedtime.  He apparently missed his litter mates back at Saga and cried for them on and off.  My friends told me to be patient, and he finally wore himself out on Sunday!  He was fine from there on out — until JF and I would leave to go somewhere.  He’d climb to the second floor window and holler!  The neighbors would say, “Your baby is crying for you … “, and we’d all laugh.

JessieFaye and Salty

Shortly after adopting “Salty”, as my grandson named him, I had to return home to the US unexpectedly. Of course Salty would return to Alabama with JessieFaye and me.  We’ve been back since April and since then, Salty has become my mother’s ‘therapy cat’.  When he’s inside, he rarely leaves her side, following her from room to room like a dog.  When he’s outside, he basks in the southern sunshine and now chases squirrels and hunts various other vermin. He brings me ‘surprises’ from time to time.

Salty the Hunter

I love my island cat and I’m grateful to SAGA for the wonderful work they do in San Pedro. Salty and my Mama are a match made in Heaven!”

Salty with Paula’s mother

Another Happy Tail from a Saga Dog, Luke! He’s happy, healthy and living the dream of a Forever Home. Adopt a policker from Saga, they’ll love you for it. Bark Bark Wag!
Just wanted to let you know that Luke (aka Lucio) is doing great in Boston! He’s a happy healthy guy who loves his brother!